Term Life Insurance – Beware of the sellers

San Francisco, CA ( Freeukpressrelease ) March 5, 2012 – Albeit the quote above was more to define what Fun could mean as one grows old, it is also a takeaway for those who would like to understand what Life Insurance is all about. Most of the Life Insurances that are sold these days are targeted for those who are younger that fifty years age. And understandably so, insurance companies would like to play it safe by focusing on youngsters or those in great health, hiigher risk clients are more likely to balk at the cost. And yet, every one of us does insure ourselves and our personal belongings as nothing is certain in this world.

For those lots of people looking for the simplest option, Term Life Insurance could be your best bet. As the name suggests, it provides insurance coverage for specific periods or terms. It could vary from five years to twenty years depending on your choice. Term life insurance has different types within it, to name a few – Renewable Term insurance, Convertible Term Insurance, Decreasing Term Insurance, etc. The terms and conditions associated with these types of term insurances might however vary from company to company. The challenge however is, as a layman, one might need assistance in selecting the right insurance depending on their age, their children’s age, what they do for a living, etc.

For example, one would have seen or heard Select Quote to be in the news, for wrong reasons though – Select Quote is a direct marketing company that specializes in recommending and subsequently assisting their clients. There are however a lot of complaints and criticism about their marketing strategy. The most frequent criticism being that the Select Quote employees aim at selling as many policies as possible to as many customers on a given day. It is an aggressive approach indeed. But, how good is to a client who is not able to reach his seller at the time of need? Select Quote clients complain that there is no follow up from their seller after the policy is purchased. Neither are the clients able to reach the representative from Select Quote who marketed into buying the life term insurance policy.

It is good to insure oneself for life. The bottom line however is, Do your homework and be cautious while selecting the right seller. From what it heard and read on news, Select Quote seems to have lost it sheen by letting down its clients with poor customer service.

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