Tellavista Online Apartment Booking: New, offering apartments in Jerusalem Israel now

Tel-Aviv, Israel, March 12, 2012 – Tellavista Online Apartment Booking, a Website dedicated to provide an easy and convenient way to look and compare hundreds of Apartments in Tel Aviv for rent in Israel and other areas is now adding a number of new apartments for rent. Most of these new apartments are located in Jerusalem which is considered to be one of the most visited places in the world.

Jerusalem is a very popular tourist destination for many people worldwide. Every year, millions of pilgrims, vacationers, backpackers, and international conference participants flood to the city. In the past few years, the number of tourists visiting the city has risen dramatically and is expected to grow even more in the years to come. A lot of these tourists are looking for ways to save on their travelling expenses especially on accommodation tel aviv. Since hotels and resorts are more expensive, majority of these people turn to short-term Apartment Tel Aviv for rent in Jerusalem which are a much cheaper option. However, since there are so many apartments in this area, finding one that will suit your needs can be daunting. This is why Tellavista.com was founded.

Tellavista Web site has hundreds of apartments for rent in their database. This can provide tourists a comprehensive list to choose from. Navigating in their site is also very easy. You can select your desired destination in Israel including Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and several other cities. You will then be given a list of apartments for rent in your desired location. And there are also helpful reviews and apartment descriptions available.

“Watch out for the new offering apartments in Jerusalem, Israel now,” said Nadav Ziv as he promotes their Web site. “If you like cozy and cheaper accommodations, visit our Website before you ever plan a trip to Jerusalem.”

About Tellavista.com

Tellavista.com is dedicated to providing a great selection of over 400 apartments for rent in Israel and they are now planning to expand abroad. They ensure that tourists will have great satisfaction in their accommodation. The Web site was founded by brothers Roee and Nadav Ziv who are travelers themselves. They very well know the importance of affordable and great accommodations. This is why they founded this site to help their fellow travelers. They are based in 39 Levinski St. Tel Aviv. To contact them, you can simply email at info@tellavista.com or just visit their Web site at http://www.tellavista.com

Nadav Ziv
39 Levinski St.Tel Aviv