Psychology Academy Offers Four Online Courses in Psychology

DUBLIN, IRELAND (March 15, 2012) – ATI Psychology Institute is proud to announce that it will be offering four new foundation-level psychology online courses to students worldwide.

ATI Psychology Institute is now offering:

  • Addiction Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Child Psychology
  • Counselling Psychology

“Our foundation-level course are designed for individuals who want to take a career path in psychology but who could not or do not want to get a full degree yet, ” says John Crimmins, CEO of ATI Psychology Institute.  “Our courses are something that students can take outside of the typical face to face college setting, so there are less distractions and less pressure and they can focus on learning and gaining basic knowledge on psychology.”

“We pride ourselves in the fact that we give students the chance to learn from active psychology practitioners so that they get the best training that combines textbook theory with relevant real –life and practical applications.  The staff and the administrators ofPsychologyAcademyhave worked hard to create the four psychology online courses and to make sure that students get a great learning experience,” Mr Crimmins adds.

Dr. Damian Davy, who on top of his work at the ATI Psychology Institute, is also a Registered (Senior) Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor and EAP Consultant, also relates that the psychology training center offers students the chance to learn at their own pace without the needless hassles of keeping up with class schedules, traffic and other nuisances associated with going to and being in a physical classroom.

“Plus they get individualized attention on top for their lessons, which means that not only are they learning at their most convenient time and at their own pace, but they are also getting unprecedented attention that is simply impossible in a classroom setting,” Dr. Davy says.


Based inDublin,Ireland, ATI Psychology Institute — http://www.psychologyacademy.org — provides online psychology training and foundation-level psychology courses that are of the same quality as the psychology courses found in the world’s best colleges and universities.  Courses at ATI Psychology Institute are given by practising psychology professionals.


John Crimmins


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