Pelleve: the miraculous Skin Tightening Process

Is it possible to retain youthful skin long after youth is gone? The answer is a resounding yes. With Pelleve on your side, you can not only turn back the clock but also help your skin lose the unseemly signs of ageing- such as wrinkles.

There are many reasons why Pelleve should be your number one choice when it comes anti ageing procedures for your skin. For starters it is greatly admired by patients as well as physicians. As the spokesperson for www.pelleve.com puts it; ‘ it is a great option for women who don’t want to have surgery, but do want to feel better about the way they look’.

Pelleve is also the ideal solution for busy people looking for a quick, safe and effective skin tightening procedure. Tom Harper, Vice President for Global Marketing of Ellman International (creator of Pelleve) testifies; ‘Pelleve is a smart solution for busy people who want to refresh their appearance because it can be used alone with other treatments that their doctor may recommend.’

What’s more, Pelleve is virtually a painless skin tightening procedure; given the fact that there is no use of needles or surgery involved. In fact, most patients who have undergone a session; say it feels like a ‘warm facial massage’.

The Pelleve can also be customized according to the exact requirements of the patient. Dr. Sarnoff adds, ‘ Pelleve procedure allows me to tailor the procedure to each individual, which means I can spend more time on the eye area for one patient, or on the lines of the mouth for another’.

So if you’re looking for an ultra safe, convenient and non invasive way to get your skin to look as fresh as ever- choose Pelleve.

About Pelleve

Pelleve is an FDA approved skin tightening procedure from Ellmen International. It is a one of a kind procedure that ‘offers a positive experience with results that last.’

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