panko breadcrumbs | japanese panko bread crumbs

Upper Crust Enterprises, Inc. is pleased to offer, for a limited time, free samples of their authentic gourmet panko breadcrumbs to any restaurant that would like to experience first-hand that all Panko is not the same.

Quality Differences You Can See

Strictly following traditional Japanese methods of blending, baking, grinding and drying of the tempura batter recipe, is what makes Upper Crust’s Panko lighter and crisper, surpassing competing brands in both quality and taste.

For the past 30 years, Upper Crust Enterprises has been a leader in providing truly authentic Gourmet Panko bread crumbs to restaurants all over the world and produces a product with measurable quality.

  • Larger slivery shape crumb with an airy texture;
  • Delivering a crispier taste and superior plate presentation;
  • Maintains crispness longer;
  • Absorbs less oil;
  • 1 lb = 8 cups (compared to competing brand of 1 lb = 6 cups) providing a 26% better yield with a lower percentage of fines.

Upper Crust’s Authentic Japanese Apple Cobbler with Crispy Panko are available multiple grind sizes, for endless uses:

  • Extra Large: Popular in American style restaurants on onion rings, vegetables and poultry. Panko delivers a crispy bite with extra large crumbs. Also available “All Natural” made with unbleached flour. GMO Free and Trans Fat Free
  • Large: Our most popular Panko used in Asian and Japanese restaurants on seafood and pork. Panko delivers a crispy and tender bite. Zero Trans Fat
  • Medium: Excellent use for crab cakes, stuffing and as a coating when a more delicate look is required, delivering a crispy bite. GMO Free and Trans Fat Free.

We invite all restaurants to take our challenge!

Replace your standard breadcrumb with Upper Crust Enterprise Authentic Japanese Panko and win big with your customers, we guarantee it.

Visit our website at www.UpperCrustent.com to request your free sample of truly authentic panko.

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