Orange County Firm Helps Thousands Manage Pain

Garden Grove, CA ( Freeukpressrelease ) March 2, 2012 – there is a lot of information floating around out there about the efficacy of alternative medical techniques, and acupuncture in particular. In fact, there are more misconceptions than hard facts about ancient Eastern practices to cure the body and mind. However, one Orange County medical practice is working hard to change people’s minds about holistic healing. Acupuncture of America offers a full array of traditional and modern healing techniques custom-tailored to serve their patient’s individual needs. But, this leading edge medical office offers more than just acupuncture, Chiropractic services and Therapeutic Massage round out their menu of pain management techniques.

Whatever the Western view, it should be noted that acupuncture has been practiced as a traditional component of Chinese medicine for more than five millennia. This holistic form of healing is based on the body’s divisions of twelve meridians; each meridian corresponding to a major organ. Certified acupuncturists insert needles into specified points along these meridian lines to influence and restore the balance to the flow of natural energies and there are more than 1,000 acupuncture points on the body.

If you think that ancient Chinese medical practice does not have 21st Century application, think again, even the government of the United States recognizes the legitimacy of Eastern healing methods. In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration reclassified acupuncture needles from “experimental” to “medical device” in 1997. Furthermore in that same year, the National Institutes of Health released a statement of endorsement approving acupuncture for the treatment of post-operative recovery pain, tennis elbow, and even carpal tunnel syndrome. Acupuncture is so well known that the FDA estimates that Americans spend more than half a billion dollars on acupuncture treatments every year. These days many mainstream insurance carriers are now accepting acupuncture as a legitimate medical treatment.

As with any medical procedure, science has numerous theories about how exactly acupuncture works. Some of the more popular theories include the rapid release of endorphins; influences the release of neuro-transmitting chemicals; and influences the natural anatomical electrical currents. Acupuncture has been proven effective against many diseases and conditions such as migraines, sinusitis, and tension headaches, the common cold, tennis elbow, sciatica and arthritis, menstrual cramps, fibromyalgia and other non-descript muscle pain, asthma, facilitate weight loss, and smoking cessation.

In addition to acupuncture, the chiropractic profession has grown into one of the fastest growing industries on the planet and boasts nearly 100,000 licensed chiropractors. Telephone surveys in 1997 revealed that an estimated 90-million people actively sought the services of a chiropractor for that year. Massage has also long been a staple of spas and retreats nationwide; however, therapeutic goals can vary considerably between massage therapists and their clients. In many cases, therapeutic massage is recommended by a health professional and may be performed as part of a larger treatment plan.

With traditional American medical care costs sky-rocketing; patients are searching desperately for alternatives. In order to achieve a bit of perspective, the United States, as a nation, has been in existence for just under 250 years. By contrast, Acupuncture has been proven as a successful treatment for a wide variety of conditions and diseases for more than 5,000 years. Having tried nearly everything else, more and more Americans are turning toward alternative remedies like Acupuncture of America for their health care needs.