Maternity Dresses – fitting and flattering Pregnant Women

Fairfield, VIC ( Freeukpressrelease ) March 1, 2012 – “Life is tough enough without having someone kick you from inside”, quotes Rita Rudner, a famous American comedian actress and writer. Although having a child is the most rewarding and fulfilling event in a woman’s life, according to most mothers we speak to, it’s not without challenges.

Women’s bodies change dramatically during the course of 9-months, both hormonally and physically. It’s natural for women to add extra kilos where they never had weight before. And while maternity clothes are not magic, the good brands design collections with women’s comfort, style and feel good factor top of mind. For this reason most women wish they had adopted maternity clothes much earlier. Instead they cling to pre-pregnancy clothing, constantly pulling tops down and pants up, rather than investing in good quality maternity clothing.

Expecting mother Caroline laughs about her situation, she says, “my ego got in the way of comfort; I refused to buy maternity jeans for as long as possible. But I finally caved in and it was the best decision I ever made…the comfort factor is unbelievable – I only wish I’d made the move sooner!”.

Pregnancy wear is designed to consider the body’s changes; soft fabrics such as jersey adapt to changing shapes, garments drape in the right places and lines flatter pregnancy curves. Layering items becomes an art form, enabling easy adjustment to changes in temperature during the day or night.

Maternity dresses, tops and pants are fast becoming a fashion focus. Celebrities expecting in 2012 include style icons Siena Miller, Beyonce and super model Alessandra Ambrosio, inspiring brands to deliver world-class fashion pieces with baby bumps in mind.

While maternity wear is gaining momentum from a fashion perspective, fuss-free comfortable designs underpin the direction labels take when developing their seasonal collections. Clean lines, quality fabrics and classic pieces enable women to create stylish yet understated looks. Clever design techniques, combined with smart wardrobe choices, remove the need for trimester buying. This now means effortlessly stylish maternity dressing isn’t merely a dream.