Looting at a Pawnbrokers in Coventry

A single-decker bus in Coventry crashed into a pawnbroker’s and injured three people. There were numerous people on the bus and one passenger, Zoe Frost said that the looting began immediately.

People were running into the shop with a total disregard for the passengers on the bus and if anyone was hurt, speaking about the incident, Zoe said: “They wanted to get the gold and jewellery out of the shop window and where it had fallen on to the ground.”

There were things that had fallen out of the shop window and landed around the bus and underneath it. With all the people getting off the bus there were people trying to get underneath it, one onlooker said that a girl ran crawled under the bus in an attempt to grab a handful of loot.

The company have said that the store has now been closed due to health and safety concerns and the driver bus of the bus was taken into hospital with chest pains and two other people were treated at the scene of the accident, believed to be two female passengers from a taxi which the bus allegedly collided with before crashing into the shop.

The pawnbrokers, which had an abundance of jewellery, like watches, chains, earrings and rings in the shop window was hit by the bus at around 15:00GMT on the day of the incident.

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