Lineman Shirts Show Off Industry Pride

Somerset, OH ( Freeukpressrelease ) March 3, 2012 – Linemen. They’re in our homes. They’re in our schools. They’re the driving force that keeps our homes and businesses running and the wheels of industry turning. These amazing men and women and the friends and family that love them, have the chance to step up and show the world their pride in their industry with lineman shirts, decals and jewelry from unique vendors in the industry.

One vendor, the owner of LinemenRock.com stated, “We’re creating the hottest line of lineman and linewife shirts and gifts ever made because the industry is looking for them. There are other vendors that have been in business a while, but they haven’t really changed up their style. We want to bring something fresh and new.”

Linemen Rock is driven by the power of linemen and their families, people like Krista who know how their linemen take their lives in their hands every day to keep our power flowing. Each and every member of those families can show off their pride in their lineman with “Lineman’s Wife” lineman shirts, “Lineman’s Mom” tees, and onesies and t-shirts for the youngest members of the family, their very own little linekids and “Powerline Princess”.

That’s only the beginning. As part of their rapidly growing collection of lineman shirts, Linemen Rock also offers lineman shirts (and decals) for second and third generation lineman and retired linemen who have hung up their hats.

Gone, but never forgotten.

Lineman Shirts Aren’t the Only Lineman Gifts at Linemen Rock

Along with their lineman shirts, Linemen Rock is home to a large selection of linewife jewelry. Their collection includes the opalescent “2 Birds on a Wire” pendant and “Linewife” bracelets and rings, along with pre-made and custom decals. Linemen and their families can take the guesswork out of holidays by adding their favorite lineman shirts, decals and jewelry to their wish list, and hang their children’s pride in the industry on the wall with a free coloring page available through the company’s website.

“As a line family, we wanted to be able to provide somthing unique and interesting to linemen and their wives and even their moms. We have gotten so many requests for items that can’t be found in the industry and we are really working hard to bring what people are looking for to our customers.”

Check out Linemen Rock’s extensive collection of lineman shirts, decals and gifts at www.LinemenRock.com. To see their team and products live, tune in to Linemen Rock TV at www.youtube.com/LinemenRockTV.