Leading Brisbane Drafting Services Firm Offer Free Consultation to Renovators

Brisbane, QLD, Australia, (March 23, 2012) – Renovators and DIY’s seem to always get left out on special deals when it comes to drafting services and construction planning. Drafting Concepts of Gold Coast and Brisbane, a top Brisbane drafting services company, has decided it is time they were treated with equal importance.

The team at Drafting Concepts is now offering renovators and DIY’s a one hour free consultation to discuss their ideas and to help eliminate possible expensive mistakes. These services will help these home owners and investors to make better decisions when planning renovations and additions to their homes. Many times plans are created for a renovator only to discover they had overlooked zoning rules or other regulations which will prevent them from getting a building permit. By working the team at Drafting Concepts they can eliminate these problems before investing in having the drawings created.

This consultation is in addition to the free drafting quotes they have been offering both individuals and business clients for years.

Once a home owner decides everything is going to work the design team can have quotes to them within 48 hours and actual construction drawings in 10 days or less. This allows renovators and do-it-yourselfers to keep their plans moving forward instead of getting stuck. The team at Drafting Concepts is expert in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas in working with zoning regulations permit offices, and building inspectors. If you believe you may need assistance in any of these areas just ask when you request your quote.

The drafting services provided by Drafting Concepts take into consideration all of the latest regulations, building codes, and local requirements. Even with their high level of expertise it is possible for them to make an occasional minor mistake. This is the reason they offer two free design changes as part of every quote they provide. This gives you the confidence you can review the plans and make minor changes which did not quite match your intent.

While this team specializes in Gold Coast and Brisbane drafting services and projects, they do offer services throughout Queensland. If you are interested in sitting down for a free consultation or learning more about the team at Drafting Concepts you can use the contact information below.

Contact Information:
Company Name: Drafting Concepts
Phone Number: 07 5596 4226
Website: http://www.draftingconcepts.com.au