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power, not MuFuGui, firmness kind, witty, defied violence,  karen millen dress outletis a labor people’s women’s image.The BaiShang mulberry artistic features point is that: (1) the narrative, description, the lyric combined. (2) use side foil technique, enhance the artistic effect. (3) is skilled in clipping, in dialogue on plot. (4) hyperbole fiction, abound a comedy.Four, “evil”Is a folk love songs, expressing a woman to love the firmness. Art features: (1) the peculiar imagination;(2) much about the metaphor;(3) language refined, the sentiment is abundant.Five, “peacock flies southeast”TiXie: this poem is the earliest (beam) XuLing “jade, of a new wing”, titled “ancient poetry minister wife does for jiao, sign for” anonymous “. Time has produced the eastern han dynasty, jin and southern and northern dynasties, (liu) that had been etc. General now think that its produce in eastern han, in the process of literati in spread through processing.Small sequence: instructions story time, place, the hero and the cause karen millen sale outlet of the tragedy and results.The first part: write focal mother divorces his wife and LiuLanZhi was sent to and say goodbye to the scene.Part 2: write LiuLanZhi after visiting her mother was brother mother BiHun misfortunes.Part 3: write LiuLanZhi jiao and farewell to suicide.Part 4: after the death of LiuLanZhi account, through the imagination showed the wishes of the masses and feelings.Theme: “peacock flies southeast”, through the love tragedy and LiuLanZhi jiao chung-ching, to the feudal system and the feudal moral SINS of a deep expose and criticize, to the hero and heroine of misfortune and rebel spirit gave unlimited compassion, and through the fantasy form to sing the working people describe the ideal for a better life.LiuLanZhi image point is: smart beautiful, karen millen coats uk diligent and kind, loyal to the love, don’t MuFuGui,