Inner Aura Inspires Customers with their Innovative Women Workout Clothes

Scottsdale, Arizona, March 26, 2012- Inner Aura, a company dedicated to creating women workout clothes with innovative designs, tells how their customers are motivated and inspired by their products.

“I’m proud to say that our workout clothes provide greater motivation and personal inspiration to most women who tried them,” said Travis Hopkins, owner of Inner Aura during an interview.

One of their satisfied customers shares how Inner Aura’s workout shirts inspire her. “I have two inner aura shirts that I recently decided to give away. Both shirts went to friends battling breast cancer. I believe that surrounding yourself with positive affirmations help with my yoga practice; but more importantly, I believe that wrapping my friends in these positive words, literally, will help them on their journey to beat the cancer. I chose that. Thanks for your great concept and inspiring products!”

Inner Aura’s workout clothes provide dryness, durability and comfort for women during workouts. They are designed to help them move with ease. And they are quite appealing too because of their attractive colors and inner style. Women wearing them will be wrapped in inspirational messages that can motivate them to reach for their goals.

Wearing proper clothes and gears can lead to a more effective workout. Each article of clothing a woman wears during workout should be tailored to her activities and environment. Tight-fitting and loose-fitting tops are a big no-no. Both can provide discomfort in moving around aside from the fact that you might not be able to properly execute your exercises.

A few clothing line companies were able to perfect the design of an effective workout wear. Inner Aura can be counted as one. They are motivated to produce fashionable, comfortable and effective workout clothes because they like to encourage more women to do workouts and exercises.

As Hopkins puts it, “Regular workout and exercise are proven to be very effective in keeping the body fit and healthy. With our workout clothes, we like to encourage more women to engage in these activities.”

Women and men can both benefit from workouts. Aside from the fact that it can keep the body healthy, it can also improve our state of mind. As for women, the greatest benefit will be in battling breast cancer.

The British Journal of Sports Medicine published a study showing that breast cancer can be prevented by women who are physically active. Several other studies can prove that there is a correlation between minimizing breast cancer and regular exercise with a healthy diet.

To battle breast cancer and to keep the body healthy, more women now engage in various forms of workouts and exercises. There are different activities to choose from. Choices include walking, lifting, dancing, aerobics, gardening, bicycling, playing and many others. With diverse activities available, women can surely find something that will suit her ability, availability, preferences and lifestyle.

About Inner Aura

The company believes that “Inspiration comes in many forms.” The Inner Aura brand intends to create a ripple effect through their products. That is to create a community where people will know how to care for themselves and the community where they belong. The company is known to produce apparels including workout clothes, which are quite fashionable and effective for workout. Most importantly, their clothing has a unique style because of their “inner inspirational messages.” You can check out some of their products through their Web site at inneraura.com. You may also call them at 310-773-6317.

For more info visit: inspirational clothing, http://www.inneraura.com