InfoFlo – the new face of customer relationship management!

InfoFlo is an unparalleled product when it comes to contact manager software or CRM software, being centered around four basic entities: contacts, companies, categories and projects. The application provides fast and simple links between contacts and categories, companies and projects and makes use of a dual panel view that allows users to navigate fast and hassle free, not to mention that they have quick access to all essential data and information. InfoFlo is a perfect choice for any small business that desires to stay competitive in today’s business world, where operating efficiently is vital, by permitting you to organize prospects, leads or follow-ups, all in one place. InfoFlo does more than just helping you with specific office management activities, it significantly reduces the time spend retrieving information or data from separate systems and thus increases the office’s performance and readiness.

Due to the innovative dual panel view, InfoFlo provides quick access and instant networking between all entities, regardless of whether it is contact, company or category list. With one simple click on a contact, you can immediately view all the categories, companies and even projects that are related to or associated with that contact. Furthermore, by double-clicking on its category, you can further view all contact and companies related to it, making it very easy to navigate through all the data base, from one link to another. All the information you need is right there, making the job easier, faster and more effective! InfoFlo is your answer in contact management software and small business CRM!

Beside having the ability to view all contacts, each with its details regarding emails, calendar events, files and notes, as well as other recordings, and all relationships between contacts or between contacts and companies, with InfoFlo you will be able to very easily see all shared collaborative projects and how are they related. You can create a new project, classify existing ones or collaborate on the information available on the project, wherever you are. An application that answers both your contact manger software needs and your project management requirements is an imperative acquisition for a business. Handling and operating a CRM software has never been quite so easy, as it is with InfoFlo!

InfoFlo is a feature rich solution for office management, providing integrated contact management, plus CRM software, plus office management software. It is extremely affordable and you only pay for it once – no monthly fees and no additional costs, as all upgrades are free for life, so make sure to take full advantage of the unique InfoFlo application!

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