Hunter Bradley Opens Her Internet-Based Small Business Blog to Help Mothers Raise Children Through Early Childhood

(Salem, Oregon) –Hunter Bradley, a teenager who is going to college studying business, is eschewing the conventional wisdom of applying for job to help pay for college. Instead, Ms. Bradley has announced that she has started her Internet-based small business which is focused on teaching would-be mothers how to raise kids. The starting point of Ms. Bradley’s business will be to focus on teething, which can be a major problem for many parents.

To adults, teething is a normal biological function that occurs in every child. From the age of three months, the teeth will begin to emerge through the baby’s gums. Usually, the two bottom teeth (central incisors) will go through the gums first. A short time later, the other teeth will begin to appear all around the mouth. The children will get their last primary tooth by the time the child reaches age three.

While the teeth are erupting, babies will begin to drool more. Some babies may not experience any pain. Other babies become irritable and cry all the time. It’s not possible to explain to the baby that everything is working as intended. Instead, the next best thing to do is to give the baby something to chew on.

Hunter Bradley, owner of her Internet-based small business for mothers, is quoted as saying, “This month’s focus will be about Sophie the Giraffe and teaching would be mothers about the ins and outs about early childhood.” Although Ms. Bradley is not a mother herself, she has a lot of knowledge developed over the years on the problem of teething.

Many babies find relief when they have something to chew on in order to get relief for their gums. Ms. Bradley suggests that parents use Sophie the giraffe as the teething device of choice. There are a couple of reasons why. The shape and size of the giraffe makes it nearly impossible for the baby to accidentally swallow. It is durable enough to not break into smaller pieces. Best of all, it is a satisfying chewing device.

Another major concern that many parents have is the toxic chemicals that babies may be putting into their mouth from cheaply made toys. In the case of Sophie the Giraffe, Ms. Bradley points out that it is made of natural rubber and non-toxic paint, which means parents don’t have to worry about their children ingesting unhealthy chemicals.

Ms. Bradley also points out that when choosing sophie la giraffe or other baby toys, make sure it is easy to grip. In addition, there should be enough contrasting colors that make the object visually stimulating and interesting to a baby. With Sophie the Giraffe, the spots on the giraffe provide the visual stimulation necessary for the baby to become interested in using it.

With many years of experience taking care of other children, the 18-year-old high school graduate and business owner Hunter Bradley is looking to help would-be mothers by running her own Internet-based small business. Ms. Bradley is going to run her small business at the same time she is attending college. She is studying a college degree in business. While studying business, she will be applying a lot of what she is learning in her own business.

Hunter Bradley, writes about the everything kids including stuff about the famous sophie the giraffe. Learn how to make $875 per week doing about what you love and learning more about teething for babies and small children.