Future Energy Solutions Announces Immediate Availability of Measurement ICs for Smart Metering

Montreal, Canada ( Freeukpressrelease ) March 27, 2012 – Future Energy Solutions, a leading provider of components and engineering solutions for solar power and alternative energy, has announced immediate availability of measurement ICs for electric, gas and water meters as well as for measuring energy in smart plugs and smart appliances.

The basic principle of a metering IC is a chip set up to measure energy. The chip has a metrology engine incorporating formulas to measure RMS Voltage V, RMS Current I, Active Power P, Apparent Power S, Non-Active Power N, Power Factor PF, Fundamental Reactive Power Q1, Fundamental Apparent Power S1, Fundamental Power Factor PF1, Non-Fundamental Apparent Power SN, Current Harmonic Distortion THDI, and total power consumed. Some metering ICs offer additional features such as an Analog Front End (AFE), integrated communications, various tamper detection methods and more, depending on the intended market.

“Future Energy Solutions has a broad portfolio of alternative energy solutions and smart metering products, including measurement ICs for smart power meters,” said Lauchlan Langford, Marketer for Future Energy Solutions. Langford continued, “We carry measurement ICs from a wide range of manufacturers such as Austriamicrosystems, Cypress Freescale, IDT, Microchip, NXP, Renesas, ST Microelectronics and more.”

More information about small solar panels, Home Area Network (HAN) , measurement ICs, smart power metering and other alternative energy solutions can be found at FutureEnergySolutions.com

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Future Energy Solutions is a division of Future Electronics, the third largest electronic components distributor in the world. Both companies operate in 169 locations in 42 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Each region offers a state-of-art distribution center for component supply chain logistics as well as System Design Centers for custom designs and turnkey requirements.

Future Energy Solutions is a leading provider of components and engineering solutions vital to companies in the energy sector. We provide engineering resources, component and board-level design support along with supply chain logistics to promote and support the implementation of energy efficiency and alternative energy.

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