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Jin army YuGuo fitflop luna white through road, against GuoGuo, quickly achieved victory. Arthas: take me home, the capture of the property of the points to the many male threat. Runs the male is overjoyed. Huge general rick, at this time, pretending to say cannot goes out to a home, leave the troop stationed in the YuGuo near the capital. Specter and have no doubt about that. A few days later, he QinLv to offer in the army, GongChu runs fitflop buff hooper   with city. Offer to hunting and runs the convention. After a while, the fire in Beijing. Specter and hurried to out of town, city has been a huge LiYingWaiGe seizing……. So, could easily YuGuo and destroyed.
,,. “”,.,,”,.This book has talked about LiuZhang bad padlock invites picklock, let liu2 bei4 enter sichuan, result oneself lost Hank steinbrenner. Like liu2 bei4 such “false way coming Guo” with the plan to win wars, there are still quite a few ancient war. Of course, the so-called, every false way “method, fitflop rose frou   must according to the situation at that time flexible.
,.,,,.,,,,,.East zhou dynasty’s early days, every state flight all expansion. ChuWen king period, chu forces, increasingly powerful, hanjiang edom small, in succession to chu tribute to concede. There was a small country that CaiGuo, and chu by marriage, think a backer, will not buy the tents of the chu, ChuWen king a fitflop luna   grudge, have been looking for the timing of the destroyed CAI.