FAMI Non Surgical Face Lift

Osbaston, England ( Freeukpressrelease ) March 1, 2012 – Are you 35 but look and feel 45?

Do you feel like your youth has gone and you are racing toward middle age?

Don’t wait till it’s too late – start F.A.M.I now, and stay two steps ahead of Father Time!

Nowadays in the field of beauty the consensus is prevention is better than cure.

If you are between 35 and 45 and are noticing the first signs of ageing, now is the time to act!

You may think that your husband hasn’t noticed, you may be naïve enough to believe your friends haven’t noticed, but you and I both know there’s no getting away from those tell-tale lines that you can see in the mirror!

(Chances are your husband has noticed also, but he is just too sweet to say anything!)

Do you really think your friends haven’t noticed? Put yourself in their position. Imagine you are having coffee with your best friend when you suddenly notice that she seems to have aged 5 years since you last saw her, just a week ago!

Now, just imagine if the roles were reversed and she was thinking the same thing about you! Imagine if she were thinking “wow, Jane’s looking old and tired. She’s only 35 but she looks ten years older!”

Wouldn’t you rather she was thinking “wow, Jayne looks amazing! She’s 35 but she could pass for 25!”

Those fine lines starting to show under your eyes, the tiny furrows on your forehead when you frown and the crow’s feet that appear when you smile are the telltale signs of ageing, and the bad news is –


Despite what those ads in the magazines and those TV commercials may tell you, no amount of expensive creams can stop the ageing process.

You can of course use botox to paralyze the muscles. This course of action offers a temporary solution, but at what cost? The overuse of Botox can leave a lop-sided look at best and permanently weakened muscles at worst!

Injectable facial fillers like collagen and hylauronic acid also offer a temporary fix but none of these procedures will eradicate the problem permanently, and often create a look that is at best fake looking and at worst grotesque!

But if you staring to think that you have lost the battle with Father Time before you even start, you need to know about the miracle breakthrough that has given thousands of women (and men) astonishing results for the last decade – and it’s 100% natural!

Now there is a fantastic new ally on your side to help you win the ageing battle!


FAMI stands for Fat Autologous Muscle Injection. The miracle of FAMI works by using YOUR OWN STEM CELLS to naturally rejuvenate your face giving back that wonderful smooth youthful fullness and volume.

No surgery, no stitches, no scars! Honestly!

In a nutshell, FAMI is an injection of your own fat cells into key areas of your face to restore the volume needed for a youthful appearance.

The procedure activates your body’s own stem cells to roll back the years, leaving you looking refreshed and youthful and most importantly – natural.

The beauty of using your own stem cells means that the rejuvenation keeps on working and the effects are incredibly long lasting and with no risk of rejection.


F.A.M.I also avoids the tight ‘mask’ look associated with many surgical facelifts and is considerably safer than regular cosmetic surgery because there is no general anesthetic involved and no scalpel, meaning far less chance of damage to nerves, veins etc.

There is practically no downtime with F.A.M.I and patients may resume their daily activities immediately following treatment.

F.A.M.I offers immediate and significant facial rejuvenation

When people notice the first signs of aging they don’t always realize that their face has lost some of the volume that they had when they were younger. FAMI immediately restores the volume that has disappeared to regain the fullness of youth leaving you looking refreshed and rejuvenated!

So, if you want to lose those tell-tale lines and look ten years younger, F.A.M.I is just what the doctor ordered!

For more information about the FAMI non surgical face lift visit RogerAmar.com

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