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Sheffield, UK ( Freeukpressrelease ) March 23, 2012 – At our Dronfield vets practice you can get access to some of the best healthcare options for your pets from routine check-ups through to surgical procedures.

At Hunters Bar Veterinary Group our experienced and professional team of veterinarians and nursing staff are on hand to look after your pet’s healthcare needs. We are available seven days a week to support pet owners whether they need more advice on flea prevention or are worried about their pet’s health.

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Richard Patton had the following to say “Hunters Bar Veterinary Group can offer a wide range of modern veterinarian services. Pets can have many healthcare needs throughout the course of their lives. We aim to provide a comprehensive selection of treatment and preventative treatment options. With our modern and well-equipped Dronfield vets practice we take pride in offering our patients the healthcare they need.”

– Annual Check-Ups – your veterinarian will recommend annual check-ups for your pets. These are very important as it is not always possible to spot the signs of illness. Indeed with many conditions there are no obvious signs of illness at all. This is why you need to book annual health checks from leading Dronfield vets and ensure your pets are checked over by a professional. This will help to pick up any problems early on so that treatments can be started promptly. Annual check-ups are a key way in which you can help to ensure your pets are healthy and happy.

– Dental Treatment – preventing dental disease is important for pet health. Dronfield vets can offer dental treatment as part of annual check-ups. This will help to prevent tooth or gum disease that could affect your pet’s health.

– Dietary Advice – get more advice about pet diets from Hunters Bar Veterinary Clinic. We can offer practical tips on preventing obesity in pets and also diets for seniors and those with special conditions.

– Operating Theatre – at our Dronfield vets you will find a range of surgical procedures available. This provides more intensive treatments for your pets whether they are suffering from illness or injury.

– Radiography – to help with diagnosis our Dronfield vets can offer full x-ray services. This means we can take x-rays onsite for rapid results.

– Laboratory – another key service to assist with fast and accurate diagnosis is our in-house laboratory. Here we can run a number of standard tests such as blood and urine samples to assist our veterinarian staff with their duties.

– Ultrasound Scanner – we can help you to monitor the health of your pets with our modern ultrasound scanner. This can be used to scan a number of conditions and can also help to monitor pregnancy in pets.

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At Hunters Bar Veterinary Group you can be sure that your pets will get the modern healthcare they need. Our modern, welcoming Dronfield vets practice can offer both routine and surgical treatments.