Diversity of businesses composing Phoenix Networking Groups provides strength in the economy of the area

Phoenix, Arizona, March 28, 2012 – The Redwood Alliance, a small business advisory board and is also one of the Phoenix networking groups that help their members become successful in their businesses, sees the benefits of having a diversity of businesses in Phoenix.

“Phoenix is one of the fastest growing metropolitan groups composed of a diversity of businesses which provides strength in the economy and creates quality jobs for the people in the area,” Les Abrams, co founder of The Redwood Alliance group said.

Phoenix is now considered the sixth most populated city in the country and it boasts of the fastest growing economy. Many small and large businesses thrive in the area because of its strategic location. The city is closer to the major populated cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Diego. The city also has a direct access to the international market and business opportunities because of its placement along the NAFTA corridor. Phoenix is also very accessible from other areas because of its international airport and major public transportation system through buses and light rail service. As Abrams puts it, “Phoenix is very ideal for businesses and there is a great potential for them to grow here.”

The number of small businesses established in the city continues to grow over the years as the city grows. Many capitalists are attracted to start their business in the area because of its strategic location, low-cost quality workforce available, and strong transportation infrastructure. As different businesses are established, it also makes the economy of the city stronger. More people are getting jobs and more revenues enter the city.

As a number of businesses have been established, several support groups for owners were also organized. Phoenix networking groups were created so that owners can help each other in promoting accountability and success in business, community involvement, and even in their personal lives.

One of the more prominent networking groups in Phoenix is organized by The Redwood Alliance. They help members of their group in business development by focusing their meeting on open forum discussions about current issues their members are facing. Aside from this, members also get to present case studies to discuss issues and successes in business to all its members. Everyone in the group may contribute his ideas, knowledge and experience to come up with solutions to these problems. Basically, everyone in the group acts as coach for one another. Part also of their regular meeting is the Accountability Exercises where members can help one another accomplish what needs to be done.

“At the Redwood Alliance, we strive to help our members build their businesses into strong, profitable ventures that are able to weather and endure all challenges and economic crises we may encounter,” according to Abrams.

As their name suggest, The Redwood Alliance looks up to help business owners create a business which has the characteristics of a redwood tree: deep-rooted, sturdy and strong foundation, and a great potential to grow and endure the challenges of the economy.

About the Redwood Alliance

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, this small business advisory group has three chapters: North Scottsdale, Scottsdale and Phoenix. They strive to help their members gain strength, stability and growth which any business person aims for. If you are interested to join them, you may visit their Web site at http://theredwoodalliance.com. You can also contact them at 623-221-2706. You can email them for inquiries at info@theredwoodalliance.com.