Carolina Chiropractic Team Offers Innovative New Diagnosis System

Shelby, NC, (March 22, 2012) – The Carolina chiropractic team of Dr. Rich Berkowitz and Dr. Danielle Rogers-Berkowitz are offering a new diagnosis and treatment system called the ProAdjuster. This new piece of technology is designed to give them exact readings of the condition of each vertebra in the spinal column giving a much clearer diagnosis than x-rays alone.

These Shelby NC chiropractors elected to start using this state of the art technology in order to get a more exact picture of their client’s health problems so they could provide more exact treatment. The results have been phenomenal. The ProAdjuster aids the chiropractors in analyzing position and motion of the vertebrae, and then is used to help make gentle adjustments.

It is important to note this technology is not available in most chiropractors in Shelby NC. Their offices may be the only chiropractor 28152 zip code based who is now offering this technology.

Why is this important to you, as a patient? With proper diagnosis and exact treatment you get relief from pain at a much faster rate. The healing process starts sooner and often results in fewer treatments being required. This can result in lower costs for your treatment, but more importantly means you are free from pain faster.

What many patients find most comforting about using this type of treatment from their preferred Shelby NC chiropractor is the gentleness. It does not require any twisting, cracking, popping, or turning. The system is one of the gentlest forms of treatment your chiropractor in Shelby NC can provide.

It is important to note, not all treatments will use the ProAdjuster alone.The analysis of your condition may result in a recommendation for other forms of treatment including massage therapy, exercise therapy, traditional chiropractic adjustment, or other forms of physiotherapy. Your chiropractor will review the findings of the initial evaluation and create a plan which is customized to your particular case and then carefully explain the reasons to you.

It is comforting to know when you visit the offices of the leading chiropractor 28152 zip code has to offer that they have access to the latest technology for your treatment. To learn more about the ProAdjuster and how the Carolina Chiropractic Plus team can help you overcome pain and restore your natural good health you can use the contact information below.

Contact Information:
Company Name: Carolina Chiropractic Plus
Phone Number: (704) 482-0135
Website: http://ncchiroplus.com