Aromhuset announces the complete concept for home carbonated soft drinks

The complete concept includes 14 new flavors of Classic and Zero Soda concentrate with less sugar but the same sweetness as bought soda pop. Classic with 10 flavors have 80% less sugar than a soda pop and contains fiber to further improve the healthiness. Zero with 4 flavors are sugar free and sweetened with sucralose that adds the sweetness without any side effects on taste, body or calories.

“We compete with quality! In our own internal blind tests we have found that we outcompete any competitor worldwide”, says salesman Thomas Strom, and continues “Sometimes the difference is so huge in our opinion that these tests gave birth to our slogan: AS IT SHOULD TASTE.”

One bottle of 500 ml Classic or Zero Soda concentrate flavors up to 12.5 liter of carbonated water. In many countries the market for Soda Concentrates are very big and the demand for healthy Soda Concentrates are increasing as consumers turns to products with less sugar.

“Our importers and resellers have been asking for sweet syrups with less sugar”, says Thomas. “Now we are able to supply our customers with non-sweetened sugar free sparkling water flavors and sweet soda concentrates with less or no sugar”, he continues.

Aromhuset of Sweden produces all flavors with Aromhuset brand as well as customer adapted products with private labeling. Products are available in consumer or bulk packing.

Aromhuset are now looking for importers and resellers all over the world. To read more about how to become an importer or reseller prospects find this info at visits www.aromhuset.org .