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Canterbury, England ( Freeukpressrelease ) March 22, 2012 – We are a leading online toy supplier and can offer a fantastic range of traditional and modern children’s wooden toys.

Children’s wooden toys are handpicked at the Canterbury Toy Shop for quality, fun and educational benefits. This means you can be sure you are buying toys that kids will not only enjoy playing with but that will also help with child development.

Educational Toys

Many children’s wooden toys are actually very educational. They can assist with learning through play. This is a powerful way in which young children can develop key life skills including spatial awareness, colour and shape recognition, letters and numbers, manual dexterity and more. The great thing about children’s wooden toys is that as well as being stimulating and educational they are also lots of fun. This means children will love playing with them and get plenty of enjoyment from them.

Buying Wooden Toys

If you are buying children’s wooden toys as gifts then there is plenty of choice available at the Canterbury Toy Shop. We stock a wonderful range of traditional and modern wooden toys for children of all ages and interests. To help you get started here are some great ideas for gifts:

– BristleBlocks – these fantastic building blocks fit together easily. They are ideal for tiny fingers and provide safe and creative ways for children to build shapes and structures. BristleBlock ‘Spinaroos’ have twisty bases that offer even more innovative opportunities for play.

– Balloons and Rings – this great sorting game can help children learn the basic of counting. The balloons and rings can be sorted into groups on the play board and you can arrange the numbers to help set up counting games.

– Teaching Clock – this wonderful wooden Teaching Clock provides a fun way to help children learn how to tell the time. Children can remove and sort the number blocks and this also means shape recognition and puzzle skills are taught with this beautiful clock toy.

– Dolls Buggy – this attractive wooden dolls buggy is a great little toy. The easy push design can assist with walking and help encourage children to take those first important steps. Children will have lots of fun pushing their toys around in this lovely buggy.

Ordering Online

It is easy to find the right children’s wooden toys for your budget and requirements online at the Canterbury Toy Shop. Our online catalogue is user-friendly and easy to navigate through. Each product is clearly listed with price, details and also a thumbnail image. This makes it straightforward for you to make decisions about which wooden toys you are going to buy.

When you are ready to order you can simply add your items to your shopping cart. Then you can move forward to the checkout stage and pay for your order quickly and easily through the secure e-payment facility. At the Canterbury Toy Shop we offer personal customer service and you can contact our telephone helpdesk if you have any queries or concerns.

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You can buy beautiful children’s wooden toys online now at Canterbury Toy Shop. This is a fast and easy way to purchase educational and fun toys for children.