Arizona Small business association greatly benefits from cash mobs

Phoenix, Arizona, March 27, 2012 – The Redwood Alliance business advisory board based in Phoenix which helps its members grow and overcome business challenges emphasizes the benefits received by Arizona Small Business Association from cash mobs.

Les Abrams, co-founder of the group said, “Cash mobs encourage residents in Arizona to support local small businesses by spending their money on establishments that are locally-owned and operated.”

There are several cash mob groups spread all throughout Arizona. Cash mobs are usually organized through social networks where a group of people will agree to meet at one location at the same time and will spend a minimum agreed amount on something. Cash mobs are pro-community activities which provide fun and enjoyable experience to participants. Most small business owners welcome these activities as they promote economic and emotional support to them.

“Small businesses especially those which are just starting up needs a little boost,” said Abrams. And cash mob is just what it’s all about. They are created to help local businesses survive the struggling economy by promoting them to the locality. Additionally, when cash mob members swarm a small business establishment, it can significantly increase the sales of that business for that day. Some even claim that cash mobs more than double or triple their sales for a day.

Cash mob craze began to get noticed last year. As this movement spread in different cities, people from all walks of life began to participate in this benevolent movement. Many people say it is a fun way to patronize and show support to the local businesses. Members of Arizona Small business association most particularly those which are also members of The Redwood Alliance board see this current trend as a catalyst that helps small businesses grow. Although increasing the sale for one day does not really have a big impact in shaping the future of a business, the fact that an establishment gets significant attention during a cash mob is a good enough benefit of such movement. “It is like free advertising that introduces your business to the community so that the local people will patronize you,” said Abrams.

In this hard economic time, start-up businesses and small businesses struggle to survive. They need all the support the community can give them. By buying from a local store or getting the services of a local service provider, both the consumer and business owners will greatly benefit. This can lead to a flourishing and growing local economy.

Apart from community support, businesses also need a support group where they can share ideas, learn new things and encourage one another on how to better improve their business management to grow and attain success. This is what The Redwood Alliance is all about. It is a community of business owners where members build relationships and share their personal experiences and opinions on certain business issues. The organization also facilitates open forum discussions as well as accountability exercises so that members can exchange ideas about certain issues and discuss possible solutions to current business challenges. Members can really learn a lot of things from the group. It can help them build a strong and solid foundation for their business at the same time helps owners become effective in running and managing their business.

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