Announcing Enhanced Pain Management Techniques by top NYC Chiropractor

New York City, NY (March 22, 2012) – The Back and Body Medical Center in Manhattan, New York has recently announced their extended pain management and back care treatment plans. The extended treatment options offered by this NYC chiropractor are due to an uncommon combination of medical professionals. This Manhattan Chiropractor has teamed up with a Medical Doctor and a Physical Therapist to create one of the most comprehensive body care facilities in the nation.

Most chiropractors in NYC can only offer traditional chiropractic treatments and sometimes offer massage therapy. This unique teaming of a physician, physical therapist, and chiropractor allows for complete evaluation and unique treatment options not commonly found. By combining their talents they can provide you with a treatment program which is comprehensive and gives you the chance for more rapid healing and pain relief.

This midtown chiropractor chose this interesting direction of comprehensive treatment due to the knowledge that not all conditions respond to chiropractic treatment alone. Having patients come into a Manhattan chiropractor only to discover they must then continue their search for pain relief through other avenues can be discouraging to patients. With this unique combination of medical professionals it is possible to design treatment programs which help nearly everyone.

Having three branches of medical expertise is not enough. Their team has invested in state of the art treatment equipment. This includes body conditioning equipment, physical therapy apparatus, and specialty pain treatment technology. They consistently evaluate the newest technology and treatment options available to offer their patients the finest treatment options possible.

Have you tried several chiropractor NYC offers and are still suffering from pain? It may be due to their inability to provide total treatment options which enhance your overall back and body health while getting your spine properly aligned. By teaming with a physical therapist this Manhattan chiropractor is able to design a program which gives your body the proper strength and flexibility to maintain the spinal alignment for long-term solutions instead of just short-term relief.

As you have probably heard many times before, chiropractic medicine cannot replace traditional medicine. This is why in the practice at Back and Body Medical you have a medical doctor, physical therapist, and a chiropractor. You can get a treatment program which provides you with treatment options from all angles. Are you ready to experience the difference in a comprehensive program to heal your problems? If so, use the contact information below to learn more.

Contact Information:
Company Name: Back and Body Medical
Phone Number: 2123712000
Website: http://backandbodyny.com