American Athlete Magazine reaches Men s Fitness Sports Enthusiasts through iPad

American Athlete Magazine appeals to the competitive ego like no other sports magazine. Now American Athlete Magazine has stepped up their subscription base by appealing to those sports enthusiasts who are active and constantly on the go. It’s not surprising that the publication recently expanded its digital viewership when it unveiled its premier issue for the iPad.

The move is not only digitally savvy but appeals to American Athlete’s subscription base which consists of mostly of male men s fitness, sports and performance training followers. This strategy was no accident according to Forrester Research, 20 percent of U.S. consumers, or about 82 million Americans will own digital tablets by 2014.

Currently, 65 percent of these tablet owners are men who use them as an alternative to their laptop or desktop for online shopping and video game play. However many of these men are also crossing over to the iPad or supplementing it with their digital devices; iPad ownership doubled from 16 percent to 32 percent in 2010 and continues to grow and outpace other handheld devices. Watching these trends unfold, the magazine found that it must appeal to its male base through the iPad. The advantage of targeting men wirelessly being obvious, the iPad will be the medium that increases the magazine company’s subscription rates ahead of the rest.

American Athlete Magazine is a prestigious magazine geared toward those interested in maximizing mens health, muscleandfitness and men s fitness. The magazine is an innovative and interactive publication focusing on the American Athlete’s inner life which is mind, body and spirit. A magazine for athletes and people into sports, fitness and competitive activities, American Athlete is for men and women who want to get the most from their physical activity whether it’s collegiate or professional sports, amateur and co-ed activities or those who work in sports medicine.

American Athlete Magazine is not for the shy of heart as it appeals to business managers and sports coaches. It is a magazine devoted to highlighting winning athletes in a variety of sports. It is a magazine that doesn’t accept anything less than the motivation to succeed and compete against all odds using the mind, body and spirit of the athlete. What has made American Athlete Magazine so successful is its emphasis on innovation in technology. It should not be surprising that they view their growth in the iPad as being essential to their business success as men continue to keep their bodies in shape for life’s sports.

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