Free Estimates From Full Service Asphalt Repair Grand Rapids Location

It is that time of year again when the temperatures are rising and the grounds are melting. The first obvious sign of spring for some is the growth of flowers, for homeowners and business owners sometimes however the first obvious sign of spring is asphalt problems. If you are one of those homeowners or business owners, the term asphalt repair in the Grand Rapids area can leave you stressed. When you start to see problems in your asphalt however, it is easy to feel that the problem is much bigger than you can handle. The truth is that Asphalt Repair Grand Rapids area is often much easier to fix then you think. If you are wanting to spruce up your outdoors again for the spring or for your customers, now is the time to call Jerry’s Asphalt Paving, a full service asphalt repair Grand Rapids company that will be able to give you a free estimate on the asphalt cracks that are causing you stress.

Many homeowners and business owners however try to take these tasks on by themselves, thinking that these are very easy do it yourself projects that can be repaired easily. Most of the time that is very often the case, however if you try to conduct asphalt repair on your own, you may be missing a piece of a bigger puzzle. Many times cracks in the concrete or asphalt are simply a sign of a bigger problem. If they are left unattended or ignored, the cracks could be allowing water into your foundation that will make the gravel underneath soft and spongy. This is going to pave the way nicely to create more cracks and bigger cracks down the road. By fixing this problem yourself, you may be able to resolve one crack, but are you able to get them all or see all of the possible problems that this one crack has created?

If not, that’s exactly why you need to call Jerry’s asphalt, a leading asphalt repair Grand Rapids service contractor that can help you diagnose the problem and repair it as efficiently and affordably as possible. The team at Jerry’s can help you repair the asphalt and spruce up your home or business fast. Whether they are big or small cracks, Jerry’s team is on the job. We use a number of methods such as hot rubber crack filling that will ensure any potential new cracks are slowed down or stopped all together.

The last thing that you want to do is leave your cracks unattended for future wear and tear. Even the smallest crack that is handled in a do it yourself project could be a crack that has a much bigger story that you won’t realize until it is too late. Jerry’s Asphalt Repair Grand Rapids service is proud to serve the Grand Rapids area, including Coopersville, Green Lake, Harrisburg, Marne, Middleville, Woodbury, and so much more! New for 2012 we have just extended our service branches to better serve those in the Eaton, Ingham, and Clinton Counties. Call us for a free quote today!


Making the Gardens of Britain Great!

Garden Affairs, a leading, nationwide supplier of high quality garden buildings are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with British summerhouse manufacturer: “Chelsea Summerhouses” to offer a unique range of premium quality summerhouses for Spring 2012.

Chelsea Summerhouses, is an exciting new venture offering the very best of British craftsmanship, from one of the most experienced teams in garden building design & construction. Using traditional designs that have evolved and improved over a period of 40 years, this unique range of handmade summerhouses, are constructed from the finest Western Red Cedar; known for its durability and resistance to the elements. High cedar shingle roofs with elegantly cambered eaves and traditional leaded glass are a few of the unique design features of this luxury range. The summerhouses are available with a double glazing and an insulation upgrade for those wishing to use their summerhouse all year round – perfect as a garden office, gym or artist’s studio.

Garden Affairs Director, Richard Squire said “Our customers come to us for premium quality garden buildings. We have been looking for some years for the right supplier for a range of Western Red Cedar Summerhouses for our discerning customers. When we were approached by Chelsea Summerhouses we were obviously delighted to be involved with such a high quality brand.”

Michelle Lower, Director at Chelsea Summerhouses commented, “We chose Garden Affairs as a supplier because we were impressed with their attitude and passion for premium summerhouses. They share the same principles as us when it comes to uncompromising quality and customer service and we believe that our summerhouses will be the perfect complement to their current ranges”.

Features include:

Leaded windows
Traditional styling
Cedar shingle roofs Solid brass hardware
Painted in a range of heritage colours
10 year guarantee

The Chelsea Summerhouse range can be viewed at Garden Affairs Display site in Wiltshire or via their website: www.gardenaffairs.co.uk/garden-affairs-brochures/chelsea-summerhouses-western-red-cedar

Media Contact Details

· Name: P Squire
· Company Name: Garden Affairs Ltd
· Town: Wiltshire
· Country: UK
· Telephone Number: 01225774566
· Email: sales@gardenaffairs.co.uk
· Language: English


A C & E Rentals Announces Completion Of Their Climate Controlled Self Storage Lansing Units

A C & E Rentals is extremely proud to announce that their new construction is now completed, and they have a number of new Climate Controlled Self Storage Lansing units available for rent. A C & E Rentals have been providing self storage units to individuals in the Lansing area since 1988. They have 122 cold storage units, 78 climate-controlled units and have just completed the addition of 143 mixed-use units.

The cold storage units are available in sizes from 5′ x 10′ to 10’x 30′. The climate controlled self-storage units are available in sizes ranging from 5′ x 5′ to 10′ x 20′. Each of these units is individually heated throughout the winter and dehumidified as well, ensuring safekeeping of your belongings throughout the winter and into the summer months.

Every unit that is offered is available with 24-hour access, with employees in the office between the hours of 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Saturday. This makes it that much more convenient for anyone who wants to come and check out A C & E Rentals and discover the exciting new self-storage units that are available today. Whether you just want to have a look around, you wish to pay your rent in person, or you want to take advantage of these newly created storage units, you can do this quickly and easily.

A C & E Rentals has an eclectic range of clientele, and includes homeowners, auto dealerships, CPAs, contractors, engineering firms, pharmaceutical representatives, news publishers and more. This diverse range of individuals who choose A C & E Rentals speaks to the safety, security and reliability of these storage units, for all types of tools, materials, personal items and much more. Now, with the new 90′ x 220′ self-storage facility that has added the 143 mixed-use units, you can take advantage of renting a brand-new storage unit today.

The building is a truly contemporary design concept, which was created by Trachte Building Systems. They used an outer ring design concept, which utilizes the armoring as general storage units, and the inside ring as climate controlled self storage Lansing units. This design concept has created an extraordinary amount of buzz in the storage unit world, and A C & E Rentals is proud to announce its completion, and readiness for use.

In addition to this extraordinary self-storage center, A C & E Rentals is reminding everyone of their extensive rental equipment that they offer as well. From contractor rentals for backhoes and other heavy equipment, or for the do-it-yourselfer, you can find an extraordinary array of equipment and tools that will serve any project that you have on the go. In addition to equipment rentals, you can also enjoy the simplicity of restroom rentals, to ensure that your construction or party is clean and worry free.

So, if you need a climate controlled storage unit Lansing, a large piece of equipment, party tents and much more, contact A C & E Rentals today at 517-349-2220 or at 1842 W. Grand River Ave. in Okemos. You can also contact them in Grand Ledge at 5500 E. Saginaw Hwy., or at 517-627-2121. They are also available on the Internet, at www.acerentalsinc.com.


Social Media Becoming An Ever More Important Aspect Of Small Biz Marketing

March 31, 2012 – Around the world today, small business owners are finding that this is an era that is the dawn of something bigger and brighter than many thought possible. The web has sent ripples across the planet as it provided a new infrastructure in which people could interact and even do business. Changes are happening like never before and people are finding that the web offers an unprecedented opportunity to really achieve so much more even with a one person or small team endeavor. There are many different reasons that people get involved in the kind of business they do, but for most people the freedom and control over their own schedules is what they enjoy. By looking into new ways to use the web to bring in more customers, a lot of businesses are changing their fortunes for the better in ways that would not have been possible in the past. Now that it is easier to get small business social media services to help leverage the power of sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, more business owners are getting involved. What they are discovering is that they certainly can benefit from playing a bigger role on social networks and being there for their audience.

Lauren Proctor is one specialist who has embraced social media with a passion and brought her background in advertising to bear in finding new ways to help small businesses succeed. She is able to help put together a plan for small business and social media to make sure that every enterprise she does consulting for is able to reach the kind of success she sees as possible for that company. Already, clients are seeing big results and finding new ways to get the word out about the products or services they offer. This represents a huge change in the web and one that is opening doors for people all over the world in a big way. Experts tell us that as the technology continues to improve, it will definitely end up being a lot easier to get the best results from the social media sphere for those who have the right strategy and the know how.

To learn more about Proctor and what she has to offer the companies she serves, customers should head to http://laurenproctor32.com/ today. Here they can find out more about getting involved with social media and using it to succeed in business.

Contact Info:
Lauren Proctor
New York City, NY


Photographers Learning About Latest Cameras Through Online Reviews Today

March 31, 2012 – Photography is hotter than ever before and a lot of people are deciding that they get a great deal of good from being able to take photos with a quality camera. Some people today definitely do have pro level ambitions, but others are simply looking to be able to have a great camera to take shots for a hobby and then post them online. No matter which way a person goes, having better information is certainly going to end up being helpful. There are a lot of times when having more info can help and in terms of Nikon D3100 reviews, it is obviously going to be more effective if one can get a wider variety of opinion before they make a final decision. Having a look at the various kinds of cameras out there is essential, and focusing on quality brands like Nikon always ends up paying off for those who decide to do so. Now that the web is here, finding good reviews is a great deal easier and it can help a person decide which camera works best for their needs since all models end up having pros and cons worth considering. This is true both for those who want to go pro and those who merely want a good camera for capturing impressive images.

Electronics Supermarket is one site that has positioned itself as a leader in the world of reviews, especially for cameras and digital electronics. The site focuses on making sure that today’s finest cameras get a meaningful, high quality review that is not always found on more subjective sites such as online retailers. This is why those who want a truly useful Canon Rebel T2i review will tend to turn to a site such as Electronics Supermarket that is actually dedicated to what it does. This kind of high quality information is precisely what most people are hoping to get when they surf the web and it certainly does end up making a massive difference for those who are trying to find out more about a substantial purchase such as a camera. In these budget conscious times, knowing the information is quality certainly does make people feel a great deal better about what they decide to buy.

To get a better look at all of the reviews on Electronics Supermarket, visitors should head to http://www.electronicssupermarket.com/ today. Here they can get the best info for free to help them make stronger decisions.

Contact Info:

Paul Robertson
14 Winsome Lane


Today’s Businesses Saving Money On Checks By Looking On The Web

[Portland, ME] – March 31, 2012 – Everyone knows that in the world of business, saving money is a very smart idea. However, when saving money it is helpful to also be saving time and hassles that could otherwise outweigh the savings. This is why a lot of today’s companies are deciding that when they need items like business checks they will do much better to order them over the web. This is where they can order their checks for a fraction of what they might pay otherwise, but they can also have those checks shipped to them quickly which saves them hassle. Plus, since ordering can be done at any time of day or night, it is much more convenient, something that can be especially valuable in a one person operation where there may be limited time during business hours when the owner needs to be available for his or her customers. By taking care of supplies like checks through this simple ordering process, time and energy is freed up to handle the basic tasks of running a business that lead to more profits. This is the strategy that business experts always recommend those who want to succeed in the commercial world take because by reducing the time they spend doing non core business activities, they raise the chance of bringing in higher profits.

Checks for Less is one company that is dedicated to making shopping for checks, business software and eprinting supplies easier than ever before. The company makes it extremely easy to order business checks of any kind and can quickly ship out orders to meet its customers needs. This definitely does simplify the process and ease the strain that most business owners feel when it comes to making sure everything is running smoothly. Running out of checks can be a huge hassle and by having a go-to source to get what they need, many businesses are going to be able to breathe just a little bit easier. A specialist company like Checks for Less is what a lot of companies rely on because they know they will get better products and better service since they are dealing with experts.

To learn more about Checks for Less and all they have to offer, visitors should head to http://www.checksforless.com/ today. Or they can call toll free 1-800-245-5775 to speak with someone over the phone now.

Contact Info:

Checks For Less
200 Riverside Ind. Pkwy.
Portland, ME 04103


Popular WP Plugins Now Being Sold At Affordable Rates

Nicosia, Nicosia ( Freeukpressrelease ) March 30, 2012 – Thanks to WordPress, starting a website has become an easy task. But the true worth of this system is bought out by the many plugins that accentuate its functions and features and make it into a rock solid blogging site. But rather than buying these WP Plugins separately, users can choose to buy a single pack that performs varied functions. Internet marketer, Aigul Erali presents the WordPress Plugins Blowout pack that contains a set of powerful plugins.

The entire pack contains 19 popular plugins along with 4 free bonus giveaways. These can be used to perform a wide variety of functions including automatically updating blog post with relevant content found on the internet, adding or changing an affiliate link to include an offer in your niche, adding or editing bonuses and rebates for affiliate links etc.

The free bonus giveaways’ includes a tool that helps users make, edit, and upload sales videos and presentations, tool to integrate social media sites in an effective manner, tool that helps with quality backlinks, an ebook that lists the best WordPress plugins, and master resell rights to some of the best WordPress How-To Videos.

There’s also the ‘Fast Action Bonus’ giveaways’ that include how to videos and ebooks. These ebooks guide the user on different topics like writing a product review, transferring a WordPress blog etc.

“WordPress is a great site for some fun weekend blogging, but if you are looking to gear it to generate revenue, you need something extra that enhances the platform. These plugins ensure that you have all the bells and whistles required to make your site commercially viable. For instance, the WP SalesGraphic Plugin helps to quickly create professionally looking graphics for all blog posts. There’s also the WP Maps Plugin that lets you add a fully functioning map widget to the site. This is particularly helpful if you run a local business; customers can find you easily” says Aigul.

These WP Plugins are like the tools that make up a Swiss army knife; the user has to just install the right plugin for the right feature and he is ready to go!

About WordPress Plugins Blowout: Internet marketer Aigul Erali presents this mindblowing pack of the best WordPress Plugins that can create your site into a powerful money making site.

To know more, visit, http://winnerkz.linktrackr.com/wppbpr



Australian Companies Discovering Gifts Radically Improve Employee Morale

[Brisbane, QLD] – March 31, 2012 – It is no great secret of human psychology that everyone loves gifts, but for companies the revelation of just what a powerful morale booster the right gift can be often does come as something of a shock. All people have a strong desire to be appreciated, studies show, and there are few places where being appreciated is so important to a person’s spirits as it is in the work place. In Australia today, many companies are finding that when they get personal in the gifts they choose, employees remember it and it boosts their perception of the company they work for. The right baby gifts, for example, can say a great deal to a new mother or father who is already going to value the stability that a job they have with their company offers them. A good gift for a newborn, however, can really underline how important that employee’s family is to the company and that certainly does win points with parents. By choosing a great gift, companies can show whom they value and even include a note explaining why. The good news is, in Australia today, finding the perfect source of these types of gifts is much easier than ever before and much of this is due to the fact that the web makes shopping faster, more affordable and far less of a hassle than before.

Pixie Gifts is an Australian retailer that knows having online shopping options makes life simpler for those who handle a corporate account. They specialize in finding the right type of gift for any situation and cover all holidays with everything, even christmas hampers offered which include a variety of options that make gift giving personal and simple at the same time. Studies show that companies who go the extra mile to show their appreciation towards those who work for them end up benefiting by having employees who, in turn, end up going the extra mile for the company. This means that a simple, low cost gesture can improve things that would otherwise not be able to be altered and this is a great thing for companies and their employees alike.

To learn more about the many different types of gifts offered by Pixie Gifts, visitors should head to http://www.pixiegifts.com.au/ right now. Or they can call 1300 889 796 to speak with someone on the phone.

Contact Info:

Darren Johnson
Pixie Gifts
Cnr Underwood Rd and Centre Place
Rochedale South
Brisbane, Queensland, 4123
Tel: 1300 889 796


Advantages of Ecommerce Website Development in India

Bangalore, India- March 30, 2012: India is one of the most preferred destinations for outsourcing web development services. The main reason is that India has undoubtedly an upper hand in the software development field. There is no scarcity of talent and manpower in India. Besides, India offers highly cost effective web development solutions, not compromising with quality. All these make India the first choice for companies to outsource their work. Some of the main factors which favor India in this field are:

Unmatched Talented Human Resource
India has one of the largest human resources of talented professionals in the information technology sector. There are many world class IT institutions in India which produces thousands of highly talented professionals. The competition is so high that it becomes necessary for these professionals to keep their skills updated with all the latest technologies. Almost every software engineer in India has got a bachelor’s degree as well as master’s degree.

Highly Cost Effective Solutions
This is the main reason why developed countries prefer India. India offers one of the most cost effective solutions in the IT industry worldwide. Indian professionals can work at very low prices which cannot be guaranteed anywhere else. But even then, no compromise is made in terms of the quality of the work. Professionalism reflects in their work, no matter how cheap the services are.

IT Friendly Government Policies
India has a very stable political situation which favours the growth of IT sector. This is an important factor which all companies consider before deciding to outsource their work to any country. Indian government is very keen on helping its IT sector by making IT friendly policies that support the outsourcing jobs. This increases the IT trade between India and other countries. Besides this India has also set up many IT parks, which acts as the hub of software development companies in India.

World Class Communication Network
Communication plays a key role in outsourcing projects. Without efficient communication between both parties, the work would be stalled and result in losses. India has a world-class communication network of mobile phones and ISP supported by dedicated communication satellites. High speed broadband services are not only limited to metropolitan cities, but also available in smaller towns. This allows large files to be sent and received from any part of the world easily.

About Mindster
Being the web division of Aufait Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Mindster is an offshore web development company in India that promises powerful web development services. It helps organizations outsource web application development by successfully providing opportunities to enhance their productivity in business and increase their revenue.

For more information about mobile application development service and eCommerce website development in India, please visit http://www.mindster.in


Mindster, C/o Aufait Technologies Pvt Ltd
No. 28, 4th B cross, V Block
Koramangala Industrial Layout
Karnataka, India
Tel : +91 80 42483100 – 99
Email : info@mindster.in


UK Citizens Love A Good Cruise And Can Find One For Less Online Now

March 31, 2012 – Britain has long had a love affair with the sea and many historians say that this is a key part of the British national identity over the centuries. One of the most important things to recognize when it comes to planning the right kind of cruise in the United Kingdom today is that price is going to vary based on a huge number of different factors ranging from the time one decides to take one’s holiday, the line they choose to take their cruise with and the type of cruise they decide on. When looking for the best cruise deals, experts advise that looking on the web is going to end up being the best possible option. In the travel industry, web sites are a great way for companies to reach more people without spending nearly as much as they would have in the past and this means that those who want to save will do so more effectively simply by looking on the net for the best deals. In today’s world, the web is about a lot more than just convenience for those in the UK, it really does represent a significant savings that most of those looking for a cruise would otherwise not be able to find.

Adore Cruises is one company that is dedicated to helping Britons save when they are looking for the right kind of cruise to fit their needs. Whether it is Princess, Royal Caribbean or Cunard Cruises that one is looking to book, doing so through Adore Cruises is always much easier. All different points of the world can be visited by a cruise these days and it is quite frequently one of the best ways to get out and explore a new place. There are also many different types of cruises, ranging from those which have been designed to offer families a great escape with their kids to those that are focused on letting singles mingle to those that are all about helping couples find the perfect holiday where they can experience romance on the high seas. With so many different options, it is a great time to choose a cruise online.

To learn more about Adore Cruises, visitors should head to www.AdoreCruises.co.uk today. Here they can find P&O cruises and many other lines with great offers. This makes choosing the best cruise package simple as can be.

Contact Info:

Ian Gilder
Tel.: 0207 471 6791

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