Winter Safety: G. Lufft Intelligent Road Conditions Information Systems

Fellbach, Baden-Wurttemberg ( Freeukpressrelease ) February 3, 2012 – Reliable winter service is the foundation for safe transportation – especially in cold weather. The winter road maintenance performed by snow plows and salt trucks are just one part of the overall logistics of keeping the roads safe in winter. Advanced Road Conditions Information Systems (RWIS) are required to plan the operations and routes taken by road and highway maintenance workers as well as the logistics of procuring adequate supplies.

After a two-year product comparison, the province of Salzburg decided upon Lufft’s universal measurement bus (UMB). The climate in the Austrian province is dominated by frequent and strong weather fluctuations among subtropical, subpolar and polar air masses . During the winter months there is often snow, rain, or dangerous icy conditions. Thanks to Lufft’s road conditions information systems, the road maintenance garages are kept up to date with the constantly changing weather conditions. Lufft, a firm known for its measurement and environmental control technology, installed forty weather stations throughout the province to detect the environmental conditions on the main four lane highways, narrower federal highways, and on mountain passes. The highest station was located at 1,641 meters above sea level on the Katschberg near Salzburg. A single station consists of an intelligent road sensor (IRS31-UMB), a compact weather station (WS400), and a color camera. The system transmits measurement data and color photos from the individual stations at a rate of several images per second. The measurement data is stored in a data cloud and is made available to all users by Austrian system partner “R&R Kommunal.” For the province, this means not only improved safety on the roads but also a significant cost-savings through better planning and more precisely targeted action.

With the intelligent road conditions monitoring stations provided by G. Lufft, specialists in measurement and control technology from Fellbach, critical data such as air temperature and humidity, type and amount of precipitation , wind direction and speed, air pressure and visibility can all be measured in real time. Road sensors are recessed into the ground to determine the temperature, moisture level and viscosity, and, in winter, the salt content of the road surface. Based on this data, accurate information and forecasts about road and weather conditions can be provided. During critical freezing temperatures or snow conditions, the road maintenance crews can make precise judgments about which roads need to be made safe for traffic. Additional cameras with infrared lights allow the measurement data to be represented in pictures. This helps to limit the need for road maintenance personnel to conduct inspection trips in their vehicles in icy conditions.

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G. LUFFT Mess- und Regeltechnik has been dealing with the production of climatological measuring equipment since its foundation by Gotthilf Lufft in 1881.

The precision workmanship of highly skilled specialists has enabled the LUFFT label to be known and the products to be purchased worldwide. The LUFFT products and equipment are to be found wherever atmospheric pressure, temperature, relative humidity and other environmental factors require to be measured or recorded.

To keep in pace with the market and the modern technologies, electronic devices have been developed parallel to the mechanical products according to the basic principle “Tradition and Innovation”.

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