Why You Should Sealcoat with Lansing Asphalt

One of the most significant investments you can make in your property is your driveway or your parking lot. In order to beautify your establishment or your home and protect that investment for as long as you can, sealcoating your driveway or parking lot with Lansing Asphalt will help protect against the effects of natural elements and those that are manmade. These elements can cause your investment to crack in as little as five years. Small cracks can act as miniature storm drains that, over time, can actually cause the asphalt to separate into chunks. These larger cracks and potholes can occur within eight to ten years without the proper sealcoat. This basically protects your driveway or parking lot the same as sun block on skin or varnish on wooden products.

Asphalt seems like a weather resistant material, so what causes it to breakdown over time? Traditional asphalt is extremely susceptible to both the natural elements and those that are manmade. Snow, rain, and wind can all affect your asphalt. It can cause oxidation in the pavement, which will dry out the asphalt over a period of time. Man made properties, such as gasoline or oil, can break down the cohesion in the pavement.

As your pavement ages, small cracks will begin to appear that have been formed by oxidation and rainwater. By way of these cracks, other detriments to your asphalt make their way into the asphalt, which creates greater damage to the base of the pavement. Water is one of asphalt’s most natural enemies. Over time, the cracks will eventually become potholes. The resulting chunks should be taken out and repaired before sealcoating.

There are many benefits associated with sealcoating your asphalt. For one thing, it saves you money by extending the life of your driveway or parking lot. An asphalt sealcoat will beautify and enhance your paved area with a darkened, black color. This makes it continually look like new, giving off an ambiance of cleanliness for your home or business.

Lansing Asphalt sealcoating will help slow down the oxidation process and block water from penetrating, as well as sun and rain, snow and ice. It also resists manmade spills, such as gasoline or oil. Lansing Asphalt’s sealcoat is designed from a coal tar mixture that will not breakdown with oil or gasoline.

A good sealcoat will help to fill in small cracks in your pavement, thereby reducing the exposure to elements that can cause it to breakdown. This extends the life of your driveway or parking lot.

Some people are unsure of when to sealcoat their pavement. It is necessary to do so once it begins to turn gray in color or three months after it has been installed. If you have applied sealer before, every three to four years is sufficient to keep your pavement in top condition. Too much sealcoat can have the opposite effect, causing cracks that you are trying to avoid. Allow the old sealcoat to wear down before having it applied again. Talking to a representative at Lansing Asphalt is a great idea.