Ward Off Radiation Side Effects and Soothe Skin with Jeans Cream

Dallas, TX ( Freeukpressrelease ) February 23, 2012 – Recently, people have becoming increasingly aware of the rise in skin cancer and the need to protect skin from ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The sun emits harmful rays that can cause premature aging, skin cancer, burns, and many other unwanted radiation side effects. Doctors everywhere agree that the use of creams, such as Jeans cream, are vitally important in the treatment of radiation side effects.

Jeans Cream was originally intended as a burn cream to protect and heal the skin from radiation during therapy. Now, it is doctor recommended; many premier cancer hospitals distribute Jeans cream to their patients to help encourage natural healing for the skin, as it is safe for application especially for sensitive skin.

Jeans Cream spokesperson comments, “Jeans cream is a rich, smooth cream made with high potency, top quality vitamin and plant extracts to help naturally soothe skin. It is used for radiation side effects and skin care, eczema, shingles, sunburn relief, daily moisturizing and more. Made with natural ingredients, Jeans Cream soothes skin naturally without causing side effects. It is mild and can be used on very sensitive skin. The moisturizing component is unbeatable, helping to balance skin to normal condition.”

He continues, “Jeans Cream can be used for burn blister treatment as sunburn relief treatment. It helps heal naturally, supporting skin back to its original condition. Jeans Cream is extremely effective for various skin related issues and is doctor approved.”

A testimonial of Jeans Cream states, “I had gone through 28 sessions of radiotherapy and had chemotherapy at the same time. I had a very bad burn, but in less than two weeks of using Jeans Cream, my burn had been reduced to 5%, and most of my skin is back to normal.”

Radiation side effects range from simple skin conditions to bizarre conditions. It often affects healthy skin cells. Jeans Cream is powerful enough to ward off unwanted symptoms related to radiation. It helps soothe the skin, making it soft and supple once again.

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Jeans cream is one of the best creams used for sunburn treatment. It offers various other uses as well including radiation side effects, eczema, shingles, daily moisturizing and more. For more information, please visit http://www.jeanscream.com/