Vancouver Mortgage Specialist to Help the Self Employed and Investors in Finding Finance Options

Victoria, British Columbia ( Freeukpressrelease ) February 9, 2012 – The self employed, investors and people with bad credit ratings often find it difficult to seek loans. BC Mortgage Help, a Vancouver mortgage specialist helps by providing a vast array of options for their mortgage and refinance credit.

Kam Brar of BC Mortgage Help is well connected with the best specialist lenders and uses his network to help clients looking for credit options. His decade long experience as a finance manager has given him insight on the different aspects involving finance. He uses his experience to counsel people on the various options available before them. In fact, the Vancouver mortgage broker was honored with the Alternative Broker of the Year Award in 2010 by HomeTrust.

“You can request for a quick quote for a mortgage or refinance loan, and be assured that I will respond back to you in 30 seconds,” says Kam. All that the client has to do is to choose from the different options in the quote, and fill the application form. Everything else would be taken care of by BC Mortgage help.

People often spend weeks and months to look for a house that suits them, but aren’t so cautious when it comes to choosing a financer. They simply choose the first financer who is likely to approves their loan, and as result of which end up paying more than the cheapest alternative in the market. There are several fees charged by different lenders and some lenders offer to waive off some, while others may not. Mortgage shopping is important because most lenders offer you a variety of rate combinations for the same loan product . Even a small difference in the fee can alter your monthly mortgage payment to a large extent.

BC Mortgage Help aims to bridge this gap between lenders and credit seekers by giving them options and helping them choose the cheapest option available. Their membership with the Financial Institution Commission is proof enough of their credibility. They are also powered by Shangri-Loan, the online platform where borrowers are connected with genuine investors.

About BC Mortgage Help: Vancouver mortgage specialists BC Mortgage Help provide assistance to people look foe viable finance options.

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