The fashion is always utilized by specific crowd

Fashion, fashion—-Prevailing cheap ghd australia custom then, “the fashion essence existed in such fact: The fashion is always utilized by specific crowd’s in part of people, in them the majority is only in accepts on its road”—–The German uneven Austria erg, Spain and US, the fashion defines three essential factors: Is in keeping with the trend of the times, the individuality, the fashion to define three essential factors: The fashion defines three essential factors to be in keeping with the trend of the times, the individuality,/the innovation to innovate in advance in advance, fashion performance main dimension: Clothing and thought view fashion performance main dimension: The fashion performance’s main dimension reads the attention fashion goal, is for better carries on the fashion to expend, is for the more advantageous business dealing in 2006 the Chinese fashionable index 63 points, in 2006 the Chinese female fashionable index total score is 68 points, is higher than the masculine fashionable index 60 points, looking from the concrete target, the Chinese females in the fashionable cognition, the approval, the pursue, participates in and satisfies five targets the scores to be higher than the male. Therefore, the female is still eagerly anticipates the Chinese fashion the main force, but Chinese male, regardless of also needs to emulate in the fashionable accomplishment’s promotion fashionable participation aspect to the female. , the Chinese public fashion participation’s performance is bad, but public’s self-feeling of satisfaction is high, showed that the Chinese public is good to the fashion self-sensation, the psychology is quite easy to satisfy. Therefore, the Chinese present fashion also belongs to the development phase, the fashionable cognition, the approval and the participation also have the very big promotion space. , the masculine community to highlights the individuality, the status, the strength and the strength fashionable domain pays attention, mainly displays in the automobile, the IT numerical code and the movement fitness domain, but the feminine community to some and the external image related clothing, the cosmetics, improves looks domain and so on US body, hairstyle attention to be higher than the male by far. The male most does not pay attention the cosmetics and improve looks the US body are the female pay attention to the high domain, the automobile which the female most does not pay attention are the domain which the male most pays attention. , Chinese public: Pursue fashionable wish, satisfying China public: Pursue fashionable wish, the Chinese public is high, but the fashionable percentage participating is weak, the fashion and the income are highly related, individual month of income fashion and the income are highly related, the fashion and the income are related the individual month of income 3000 Yuan are highly the fashionable inflection point, the female are more fashionable than ghd cheap a masculine more fashionable female the male, is younger, more fashionable is younger, is younger, enterprise Gao Guan and professional Ms. fashionable index highest enterprise Gao Guan and professional wife the fashionable index is highest, in Chinese eye fashion: Keeps pace with the times, the inside and outside minores in the Chinese eye fashion: In the Chinese eye’s fashion keeps pace with the times.