Tampa Dentist Uses Unique Philosophy And Latest Dental Innovations To Meet Patient Needs

Getting to Know You
When most people visit their Tampa dentist, they may expect to have a cleaning on their very first visit. Dr. Redd views the initial appointment with a patient in a very different way. This first visit is solely dedicated to knowing the patient and understanding the health of their mouth. This is important both for the patient and for Dr. Redd. The patient gets to understand the philosophy of the practice and how they will work on the patient’s dental health. Dr. Redd will be able to understand the different conditions that currently exist in the patient’s mouth. Different kinds of examinations will be done on the gums, teeth, soft tissue and muscles to understand the overall health of the mouth.
Dr. Redd is a Tampa dentist who also takes time to study and understand the case history of each patient. If the patient has had X-rays or other records taken previously, they are requested to bring them along for the initial appointment. If necessary, fresh x-rays, photographs or diagnostic models may be taken. Dr. Redd also takes special pains to explain the different treatment options that are available. This is done so that the patient can be completely informed about the health of their mouth and what different treatment procedures would involve. While Dr. Redd will do his best to provide the utmost professional guidance, the final decision lies with the patient and it is hoped that the patient will be empowered to make an informed and educated decision.
Going the Extra Mile
Dr. Redd is also involved in CEREC dentistry, teeth bleaching procedures as well as fitting people with clear aligners. As a CEREC Tampa dentist, Dr. Redd can provide a number of different dental restorations in a single sitting. Crown work, inlays and certain kinds of bridge work can be done in the space of one visit. Apart from these features, Dr. Redd’s office offers a number of extras to make the average dental visit as pleasant as possible. XM satellite radio, internet access in the reception area, wi-fi access, television and comfortable dental chairs are all provided to make the visit as pleasant and convenient as possible.
To learn more about the different services this Tampa dentist offers, visit the website www.tampasmiles.com. Patient forms are available online as well as a number of different resources on the different services that are provided. You can get in touch with Dr. Redd directly at drredd@tampasmiles.com or contact the office staff at staff@tampasmiles.com. You can also get in touch at 907 West Platt Street, Tampa, FL 33607, call 813-200-8338 or fax your queries to 813-250-0081.