Orthovisc- Time Now to Live a Pain Free Life

Osteoarthritis is a painful medical condition which necessitates proper medication and treatment. To treat the pain most orthopedic surgeons consider Orthovisc which helps to cure the excruciating pain in the knee and the ts.

We all know that Osteoarthritis is a physical condition. This is one agonizing condition which can keep away individuals from doing their daily tasks or things they like to do. It can actually harm the normal movement of the person to a great extent. If you?re suffering from such painful situation, you need to ensure proper medication and care to get rid of the continuous suffering and pain.

Basically, Osteoarthritis dries up the natural synovial fluid which is present in the ts of the human body. Therefore, Orthovisc which is a formulation of Sodium Hyaluronan quite similar to that of the natural fluid is directly injected into the problematic area especially the knee ts or knee for healing the person from this physical condition.

Orthovisc in its true essence works as a shock absorber and its lubricating effects can be felt in the knees. With every shot, the natural chemical gets into the body that is essential for the knees and the ts to function. According to experienced orthopedic surgeons, an injection is given every 3 weeks to heal the paining ts. In this way it helps to alleviate the knee t pain.

The safety and efficiency of intra-articular Sodium Hyaluronate has been proven in several clinical studies. For instance, in a clinical study report published in the year 2001 shows that 226 patients from over 10 sites received saline or Orthovisc. At the end of the clinical study, it showed that the medication proved to be effective in curing mild to moderate type of knee osteoarthritis.

The study proved that the medication is completely safe for use. It?s a well tolerated medication which produced clinically and statistically significant reduction of the symptoms ociated with Osteoarthritis. The efficacy of the intra-articular Sodium Hyaluronate was again proved in the year 2005 and in the following year 2006. Clinical reports show that Orthovisc is found effective in minimizing the symptoms and pain linked with the OA of the knee ts.

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