Online Canadian Pharmacies Ready to Provide Integrated Treatment for Diabetes and Depression

A new study shows people suffering from type 2 diabetes as well as depression show better signs of improvement on receiving integrated treatment for both medical conditions. Online Canadian pharmacies find the news very interesting and are gearing up to offer potential clients treatment options meant to provide relief from both medical conditions. Depression leads to other chronic medical conditions, and integrated treatment dealing with complexities arising out of a disease like type 2 diabetes was difficult to imagine until recently.

Link between Type 2 Diabetes and Depression Established

A definite link has been established between type 2 diabetes and depression. When a person goes into depression, risk of diabetes increases and vice versa. Depression in patients suffering from diabetes prevents them from adhering strictly to the medical regimen leading to inadequate management of diabetes.

Very few programs in the past have initiated integrated treatment plans for both diabetes and depression. Several issues needed to be addressed including cost of medicine and lack of community backing. Such issues prevented care managers in the past from attempting plans that were not totally under their control.

Online Canadian pharmacies agree with the American Diabetes Association that people with diabetes have greater risk of going into depression than people who do not suffer from the medical condition. Managing diabetes on a daily basis can create stress, as it is a difficult task, especially if accompanied with damage to the nerves or highly erratic blood sugar levels. People feel they are losing control over diabetes leading to tension and even frustration over a lengthy period of time.

Depression also prevents strict diabetes control. Energy levels go down, and thinking straight requires tremendous effort on part of the sufferer. A vicious circle is formed with both diseases making it difficult to sustain good health. Some patients may resort to unhealthy food, while others may not feel like eating at all. All these conditions aggravate symptoms of depression making it extremely difficult to sustain optimum blood sugar levels. At present, patients buy One Touch Ultra Blood Glucose to effectively monitor type 2 diabetes.

12-Week Study Show Positive Signs Of Improvement

Around 180 patients were studied over a period of 12 weeks after being put on an integrated treatment plan to keep blood sugar levels under control and prevent symptoms of depression. Findings revealed 61% of patients adhering strictly to the integrated medical regimen combined with a short program helping them to follow the plan not only had 59% reduction in symptoms of depression but also showed improved blood sugar test results.

The study published in Annals of Family Medicine clearly showed marked improvement in health when patients were treated with primary care for both conditions. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania found a marked improvement of 31% in terms of reduction of depression symptoms, while 36% improvement was seen in blood sugar levels.

Online Canadian pharmacies are therefore highly optimistic people will resort to integrated medical care for type 2 diabetes and depression. Recent research has opened the doors for advanced study resulting in cheaper medication being made available to combine treatment. Findings are bound to encourage people to follow a strict medical regimen, if definite results can be consistently achieved.

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