New York Tax attorney offers Free case evaluation

New York, NY ( Freeukpressrelease ) February 6, 2012 – Tax attorneys are highly needed for any business. A professional tax attorney with years of experience performs everything needed for business ranging from filing tax to defending a case in court. Now free assessment is available which is done by qualified experts who do not charge a single penny for complete assessment. Not to mention, in 2010 alone IRS has filed more 1 million liens and issued around 4 million levies.

Spokesperson for thorgoodlaw comments, “We are a team of professional attorneys with years of experience and we handle any type of tax related issues. Currently we provide free assessment and provide complete reports. We will also provide the viability of IRS’ case against you and provide guidance on it. Do not delay any taking care of the problem as the amount owed can add up in course of time and lead to further complexities. Our attorneys are well versed with the latest tax laws and our experience for more than 2 decades will help you to find the right solution for any IRS or tax related problems.”

He also added that, “IRS agents, and the lawyers who represent them, represent the interest of IRS and not your business. These officers will take advantage of the business and taxpayers who are not knowledgeable about various tax laws, IRS audits and collection procedures. It is good to have an experienced and professional tax attorney New York to know about the various tax laws and defend you in case of income tax related issues. Even if you are caught by IRS for evading any tax laws, experienced lawyers can assist you to come out. You can get free e-book on ‘how to free yourself from IRS problems’ from our website”.

New York tax Lawyers are experienced persons with negotiating skills and they are familiar with all the latest tax rules and one can clear all the tax related disputes through them. Professional tax lawyers are affordable and they are ready to guide any type of business on tax related problems.

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