Michael Krause Announces an Easier Way for Sales Professionals to Reach Their Quota!

Rochester, NY ( freeukpressrelease ) February 7, 2012 – Sales Sense Solutions, Inc. announces a new sales training membership site designed for small businesses & sales professionals.

Krause, Chief Sales Architect crafted the site from scratch and has spent the last three years developing content and his proven step-by-step sales process to package it all into one location at SalesSense.TV to make it convenient and affordable to the sales professional.

“I walked out with 8 signed orders and a commitment to my department that is worth over $800,000 in new business. That sale alone made my quarter and gave me my largest commission check ever.” Jeremy stated after only being on the site in beta for one week!

SalesSense.TV is the wave of the future in membership sites and leverages the latest technologies and social media to offer the user and a real world experience.

The Sales Sense Academy offers a robust video portfolio and templates to help the user navigate through their own sales challenges. The website is all on demand and gives the user the ability to access 24/7 when it’s convenient for the sales professional or business leader.

“Our sales “Campaign” has been going well so far. We received a few call backs/emails back and are working on getting appointments. We have gotten 3 appointments so far out of 10 letters set.”

M.D. Engineer Firm

“I have initiated the letter, call and Voice mail program you recommended. My success rate to date is an astounding 77%. I have received response from 28 of the 36 CEOs and CFOs that I sent my initial letters to. The success of this program has truly exceeded my initial expectations. I wanted to thank you for introducing and teaching me this unique and successful process.”

Ron Marconi, president RTM Enterprises, Inc.

About Mike Krause and Sales Sense Solutions, Inc.

As a recognized sales thought leader, Mike Krause inspires business leaders and sales professionals of all generations – from the most experienced to the newest rookie on the team – to maximize their personal and professional potential. Mike shares his proven strategies for sales success in his book, Sell or Sink: Strategies, Tactics and Tools Every Business Leader Must Know to Stay Afloat! Learn more at http://www.SalesSenseSolutions.com and http://www.SellOrSink.com.