Maximum Tan Offers Budget Packages and Discount for Its Members

Fairport, NY ( Freeukpressrelease ) February 7, 2012 – Maximum Tan, an upscale yet affordable modern tanning salon offers 50% off sunless tanning for its new members. Apart from discount offers, Maximum Tan also provides a wide range of budget packages that are tailored to satisfy the expectation of its members.

“We know it’s difficult to tan the skin effectively using traditional equipments that’s why we are making use of advanced tanning equipments that are effective and safe. We offer traditional tanning as well as sunless spray tanning. We use Ergoline equipment, the best tanning equipment in the industry and for sunless spray tan we have Versa Spa, the leader in sunless spray tan technology. To satisfy our members in terms of price, we offer a wide range of budget packages including unlimited packages, limited packages, Versa Spa packages and more. All the budget packages will offer great savings and maximum sunless tan results beyond your expectation”, says a spokesperson for Maximum Tan.

Over exposure to UV radiations can cause a wide range of health hazards such as skin burn, premature skin aging, eye damage, wrinkles and even skin cancer. Moreover, people have to lie under the sun for several hours to tan their skin. Hence, people are making use of sunless tanning which offers fast, effective and safe tanning results. Increasing demand for sunless tanning has triggered the emergence of many tanning salons.

When it’s up to tanning salon, it is important to check out their latest tanning equipment, UV lamps, tanning lotions and tanning professionals to get the maximum tanning result in time.

Maximum Tan has smart tan certified employees who are trained in skin care, tanning hygiene, UV light, tanning equipment, and sunless equipment. Currently, they offer 7 tanning salons in the Rochester and Buffalo NY area. Apart from advanced tanning equipment, Maximum Tan also offers highest quality lotions that can increase tanning results and provide customers with a more vibrant tan.

“Apart from Ergoline tanning equipment, we also have UWE and Suncapsule. We stock our beds with the highest quality UV lamps and our lamp tech is one of the most knowledgeable lamp techs in the world. We also use computer and UV meters to ensure our lamps are always fresh and effective”, adds the spokesperson.

About Maximum Tan:

Maximum Tan is a modern tanning salon that offers maximum sunless tan results in time using advanced tanning equipment.

For more details, log on to: www.maximumtanonline.com