IVF Abroad – 3 Reasons Why It Could Be A Good Choice

Malaga, Málaga ( Freeukpressrelease ) February 10, 2012 – For anyone who is thinking of the possibility of IVF abroad, the following three reasons from Clinica Fertia may help your decision process.

These three reasons why IVF abroad, or any fertility treatment abroad, at the right clinic are based upon both the experience of this fertility clinic in Spain, as well s findings of the Transrep team.

The Transrep team is a study on cross border reproductive care, at Leicester’s de Montford University, led by Professor Lorraine Culley. The study is exploring the reasons why more and more couples from the United Kingdom are travelling abroad to centres such as Clinica Fertia in Spain for IVF abroad. The report highlighted some of the reasons why this is becoming an ever more popular choice.

1. Individualised Care

The first reason cited in the report is the level of personal care patients receive at clinics like Clinica Fertia. No patient is just a number. Many participants in the study claimed that even in private clinics in the UK they weren’t treated as individuals and often would see different staff at each visit. By far and away, Spain comes out on top as destination of choice for UK patients seeking IVF abroad. Clinica Fertia prides itself on treating each patient as an individual and guiding them through the choice of treatments and the IVF process itself.

2. Timing

Although up to three cycles of IVF are available on the NHS, in practice few people will meet the strict criteria to qualify for it. Those that do often find themselves added to long waiting lists. The anxiety caused by waiting can put undue stress on a relationship and certainly does not aid fertility. In many cases, by the time they would reach the top of that list they are no longer eligible for IVF due to age or the progress of an underlying fertility problem. At Clinica Fertia there are no waiting lists and as it is proved time and again timely medical interventions have greater chances of success.

3. Choice

Not all couples requiring IVF can use their own sperm or egg cells. In this case, donated cells are required. A shortage of donors, especially egg cell donors increases the amount of time patients have to wait for IVF and making the time lag between IVF cycles difficult, if not impossible, to predict. The number of egg donors and sperm donors in the UK has fallen rapidly since they are no longer allowed to donate anonymously.

Laws in Spain protect the identity of donors and compensate them more generously so more willingly come forward. The availability of eggs and sperm for those requiring these is far greater in Spain than in the UK and across much of Europe in general giving it somewhat of a reputation for being Europe’s egg cell centre. Clinica Fertia offers IVF using donor eggs, donor sperm or both without having to wait for new donors to come forward.


Patients travelling to Spain for IVF at Clinica Fertia may be embarking on their first round of IVF or may have been through one or more IVF cycles before coming. The cost of IVF in private clinics in the UK can be prohibitive. Choosing a clinic with as enviable a success rate as Clinica Fertia will reduce the costs of IVF even with travel expenses factored into the equation as fewer cycles are likely to be required. The emotional saving of speedier success is, of course, immeasurable.


Clinica Fertia, Costa del Sol Spain is a fertility clinic in Spain, which specialises in the research and treatment of female and male infertility. Individual and tailored programs are carried out in an efficient, yet caring, manner for each patient.

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