Investing safely on the Shanghai Stock Exchange

Using a professional and dedicated investment advisory team is essential for long term growth of one’s investments.

For those who like to invest there are many investment instruments and investment advisers who will be happy to manage the money for you and all promise an attractive rate of return.
They are however constricted by the performance of the market and the equities and bonds and the various other instruments that they use. In times of prosperity they do extremely well, in times of economic downturn their performance cannot be guaranteed to be as lucrative.
The Major bourses; the FTSE, NYSE, the DAX and the CAC have not been shining of late. It has been pretty much of a flat line recently.
So why not consider placing some investments on a stock exchange that has been doing better. ICS associates are a professional investment firm that invest on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Over the last month the SSE has shown positive growth and is up 6.83% year to date.
ICS Associates Incorporated, a professional firm of investment advisers and risk assessors situated in the heart of Shanghai’s business district offers a wide range of investment opportunities which can be tailor made to suit their clients different goals.
All relationships like this have to be built on an understanding of what exactly the client’s needs are and what he is prepared to risk. Sure all clients want to get 100% return on their investment with no risk of loss and they want this to happen in a month. The reality is of course that if a client wishes to have no or minimal risk he should buy gilt edged annuities which guarantee his return (unless they are Greek Bonds) and the return is likely to be fairly low.
The purchase of equities always carries some risk but if your investment adviser has done his homework properly this can be properly assessed before purchase. And of course there is venture capital which is very risky but such risk is linked to potential high return.
In the early part of association with ICS Associates Inc. The investment adviser team will spend a great deal of time building the relationship with you thereby understanding exactly what you need and what you want.
Thereafter a mix of choices will be offered to you with a genuine assessment of the likely returns. Many clients of course will take a mix of instruments such as a base of gilt edged bonds, some equity purchases and some well assessed higher risk investments in the hope thereby of increasing their overall margin.
If one is building up a retirement account then there are tax advantages to be had by deferring the income till one is ready to take it out. The retirement investing is usually done on a longer term so instruments like annuities are ideal.
If one is aggressively seeking growth however buying shares would seem to offer the best opportunity for returns better than one would get in a bank.
A prudent investor will have a range of investments in his portfolio and will be well advised by his relationship manager at ICS Associates Inc.
While the major bourses are flat lining the Shanghai Stock Exchange is showing positive growth.
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