Industrial Equipment Supplier Offers Safer Measuring System for Silos, Bins, and Hoppers

Crystal River, FL ( Freeukpressrelease ) February 27, 2012 – In any economic environment, being able to monitor product levels in containment structures such as silos, power plants, lime slurry tanks, and at fertilizer plants, feed mills, pharmaceutical applications, and pulp and paper mills, among others can have a direct effect on the bottom line. And in these particular applications, the need for level control monitoring should not put a worker’s life in danger – high temperature and excessive vibration environments are just some of the hazards that can easily be avoided. These are hostile environments for personal safety, yet, the need to determine product levels is a requirement for smooth plant operations and inventory management. Bobby Carroll of Gulf Atlantic Industrial Equipment highly recommends the ProCap Series Capacitance Probes by BinMaster for use in these types of hostile and potentially dangerous environments.

Not only does the ProCap Series Capacitance Probes offer remote detection of product levels inside storage vessels, it offers interference-free operation so that there is no communication overlap with two-way radios and other plant equipment. These probes are extremely suitable for challenging environments where there is a risk of explosion or extreme temperatures, making them ideal for a variety of solid, liquid, and slurry material level monitoring situations.

In addition to the applications above, Stan Moore, founder of Gulf Atlantic, recommends this product in coal applications due to its non-combustibility feature. Since coal is extremely abrasive, a stainless steel rod of the capacitance probe is able to withstand the harsh conditions with no moving parts to wear out prematurely. The Binmaster probe examines a larger area than its immediate surroundings. This allows the probe to ignore buildup which can occur on the probe assembly providing even greater level monitoring accuracy in bins, silos, tanks, hoppers, chutes, and other vessels used for volatile material storage or process manufacturing.

What makes this ProCap Probe so innovative is that it is designed specifically for hostile applications such as high temperatures, high vibration, or hazardous environments featuring a unique “split’ configuration that houses sensitive electronics away from extreme conditions that might interfere with proper probe operation.

In addition to safety, these probes can also answer the question of how much is moving through an area which can help manage operations better.

Stan added, ” Some of our customers now use the Pro Cap Remote Capacitance Probes with the optional cable type probe assembly in their sand silos for their precast concrete paver stone operation. They selected this measurement option because it is non-mechanical and operates in a fixed position. So, when their product is moving through the silo on a fairly continuous basis, it allows real time level indication of the silo product level. This is valuable information for any operation that depends on ready availability of high use material flow for continuous productivity.”

So when you care enough not to send in your very best, you now have the ProCap Series Capacitance Probes to do it for you.

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