Gross Mortgage Lending on the increase, report Bower Retirement Services

Midland, TX ( Freeukpressrelease ) February 20, 2012 – According to the British Bankers’ Association, lending in December 2011 was £9 billion, 12% higher than the same time in 2010. Confidence is once again returning to the housing and mortgage markets. The phrase ‘safe as houses’ can be believed once again.

Your home is an investment; you can make money when you sell it, but you can also release money from the bricks and mortar whilst you are still living in the property, through a specially designed equity release lifetime mortgage. A lifetime mortgage is a safe, secure and reliable way to provide for you and your family into the future.

Bower Retirement Services advises on a number of lifetime mortgages that make use of your property and in so doing offer you a more lucrative and rewarding mortgage deal. The first package on offer from Bower Retirement Services is a ‘lump sum lifetime mortgage’ where you are loaned a percentage of your property’s value. However, unlike a conventional mortgage, this type of equity release mortgage requires no monthly repayments and no capital repayments are normally required during your lifetime.

The second is a lifetime mortgage with flexible cash release. This is just like the above, but you’re able to withdraw regular amounts of money from the value of your property’s equity at intervals of your choosing.

The final option is an interest only lifetime mortgage. This is where you only pay the interest each month and no capital repayments are normally required during your lifetime.

It is this variety and choice that has won Bower Retirement Services numerous awards for its service. In 2011, it won Best Financial Adviser and it has won many awards prior to this. It offers second to none service and quality and deals with only the best equity release providers in the UK, such as LV, Newlife, Justretirement and AVIVA.

It is regulated by the Financial Services Agency, so you know you can trust Bower Retirement Services to handle your equity release lifetime mortgage plan with efficiency and security. You can use Bower Retirement Services’ lifetime mortgages calculator to find the right deal for you or simply book in for a free, no-obligation consultation.

A lifetime mortgage of this sort from Bower Retirement Services can help you plan ahead, offer peace of mind and give you the stable kind of life you are looking for.

About Bower Retirement Services

Bower Retirement Services are an award-winning specialist UK equity release advice company. Fully regulated and authorised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) to provide advice on equity release products from the whole market. Winners at the 2009 and 2011 Equity Release Awards, with Bower customers are guaranteed to receive the very best equity release advice.