Goes over the time limit the use to harm many Uses the lens

Goes over the time limit the use to harm many Uses the lens in the life is safe, but if has surpassed the life, the lens have the possibility to present the breakage which the naked eye distinguishes with difficulty, simultaneously on the lens will also have the settling, these can reduce will have one’s eyes tested and wear glasses when the comfort, will affect eye’s health. In order to guarantee produces The performance, lens’ use must before the lens labelling term of validity   oakley sunglasses Kaifeng uses, and replaces the new lens according to lens’ abandonment number of days. Mirror box use: Although the mirror box small noticeable and the lens are the same, the storage stealth eye’s mirror box also has the use cycle aspect question. Mirror Although the box small similarly is actually noticeable, clean also will multiply not well the bacterial pollution lens.

Every week must clean the mirror box thoroughly oakley sunglasses australia  , every three months replace a time new mirror box. Wears the mirror sleep: The dangerous custom sufficient sleep may cause our flesh to obtain the full new Chen generation Thanks, but Dai Jing passes the night or takes a nap, actually will cause the cornea with difficulty from the air the direct absorption oxygen, will be at continues the anoxic condition. Therefore Dai Jing will pass the night or takes a nap will cause the cornea to cause the varying degree the cornea damage, simultaneously will also cause the lens surface wettability to drop, even Will present the lens to stick cornea’s danger. “the sleeping beauty” cuts cannot become “the lazy beautiful woman”, otherwise, you choose the mark “has one’s eyes tested and wear glasses the contact lenses continuously” the distinctive product. The contact lenses let us take off the sincere eyeglasses, but While enjoys the contact lenses with ease to bring, convenient, insisted that the correct method has one’s eyes tested and wear glasses, maintains the lens, reduces to ocular region’s injury is the most important  discount oakley sunglasses  topic. So long as has one’s eyes tested and wear glasses according to the above 5 big secrets and nurses The contact lenses, everybody can become the electric eye beautiful woman who the charm four shoot. On-line buys the eyeglasses to regard the guest eyeglasses net in, the registration namely delivers 10 Yuan cashes! The purchase also has the more present presents.

The nearsightedness nearsightedness, the eyeball will be elongated by the eye week muscle will not be highly particularly eyelash shape myo- elongates, eyelash shape myo- can only longitudinal adjustment crystalline lens. Causes when regards is far, crystalline lens’ refraction’s focal point cannot fall on the retina. But through  cheap oakley sunglasses  the practice, may control consciously Makes the eye week muscle to compress the eyeball main basis is may let have period of clearly time at present, is also realizes controllable only method. After mastering the skill, reduces eyeglasses’ number of degree gradually, finally could compress the eyeball the normal level, the nearsightedness on the self-recovery. It Above the reality this section, is the shortsighted self-recovery principle and the entire process.