Get Thin and Stay Safe This Year

Newport Beach, CA ( Freeukpressrelease ) February 9, 2012 – There are a lot of alternatives available for people looking to slim down for 2012 and the Orange County Slim Doctor Ali Tehrani is an expert at minimally invasive fat reduction techniques utilizing the SlimLipo method. Unlike other, mechanical methods of fat removal SlimLipo uses a laser to liquefy fat before it is removed from the body and the results are not only dramatic; but, may be a medically safer alternative to traditional methods. Dr. Tehrani has helped hundreds of patients with this new, state of the art technique.

As most people already know, a laser liposuction procedure is not designed to cure obesity. It is designed specifically for stubborn areas of substantial fat deposits that do not respond well to a rigorous diet and exercise program. Tehrani Plastic Surgery in California’s famed Orange County is one of the few professional offices that even offer the FDA approved laser lipolysis method. The key to this procedure is the use of two laser wavelengths: one that targets and liquefies unwanted fat cells for removal through tiny metal tubes known as micro cannulas, and the other that heats and contracts the collagen fibers in the treatment areas to restore the lax skin once the excess fat cells are removed. Traditionally, liposuction can only be accomplished through a series of surgical procedures, one designed to remove fat and the other to trim excess skin. A specially designed laser produces a slimmer silhouette with just one treatment and only about half the recovery time which can be as short as two to three weeks. Furthermore, SlimLipo patients are typically able to return to work within just a few days.

Tehrani Plastic Surgery’s unique laser technology has the ability to target fat cells within targeted and specific treatment areas. The laser also offers a very high degree of precision and this technology makes a fat reduction procedure a viable option for patients seeking very subtle refinements in targeted areas including fat found on the hips, thighs, arms, legs, and neck.

A laser liposuction procedure is an adaptable fat reduction technique that is well suited to individuals who seek to achieve noticeable contour results without the usual six weeks of recovery time that more traditional methods can require. This particular procedure is one of the best types of body contouring options because of the manifold health benefits associated with the minimally invasive nature of a laser liposuction procedure. Because the laser liquefies the fat before it is removed, the mechanical forces are nearly zero as the fat cells are suctioned from your body. Furthermore, unlike traditional fat reduction procedures laser liposuction techniques such as SlimLipo utilize much smaller suction tubes to remove the unwanted fat. These micro-cannulas require miniscule incisions which take less time to heal and the results of the healing are far more aesthetic. Because laser liposuction is generally less invasive and uses less force to draw out fat cells; the trauma to the body is greatly reduced; thereby, reducing the occurrences of surgical complications.

If you are considering shedding some of those last, unwanted pounds and already have started a healthy lifestyle a laser liposuction procedure may be right for you.