Fitzall Blades Provides Sonicrafter Multi Tool Replacement Blades, Other Oscillating Tool Blades

Pittsburgh, PA ( Freeukpressrelease ) February 13, 2012 – Businesses all over the world struggle to stay afloat as competition in virtually every field becomes more ad more stiff. Fortunately, there are some companies that are trying to make a difference in their customers’ bottom lines, helping others while they help themselves. FitzallBlades.com is a great example of a company that is increasing its own success by contributing to the success of others. All across the globe, hard working men and women are trying to make an honest living, using their minds and hands to build, repair, and maintain public and private property: contractors, carpenters, cabinet makers, plumbers, electricians, painters, landscapers, and other craftspeople. One of the most popular, useful tools available to them is the oscillating tool, or multi tool. These versatile masterpieces of tool technology can do the jobs of dozens of conventional hand tools, which makes them a modern miracle for crafters who need light, maneuverable, portable tools. One multi tool can be used to replace almost any kind of saw, scraper, grinder, or sander, and they can be used on an impressive number of different materials: hardwood, soft wood, drywall, fiberglass, particle board, plywood, plastics, concrete board, dried paint, tile grout, and more. The real key to the tool’s effectiveness lies in its blades – a wide variety of practically weightless blades that can be easily switched out to handle different jobs. These tools have become so popular that every major tool manufacturer markets a version of them, and they are all generally of high quality in terms of durability, precision, and versatility. Sonicrafter, Fein, Bosch, Rockwell, and Dremel all offer multi tools.

A representative of FitzAllBldes.com explains: “The multi tool is one of the great inventions in the tool world. So many kinds of craftsmen are making their living with an oscillating tool, but the costs for blades can be devastating to a company’s bottom line. That’s why we set out to make precise, durable replacement blades at a fraction of the name brand cost. In some cases, we charge 1/5 the cost for a blade that will do a great job. For a company that goes through a lot of blades on the job, that can add up to hundreds, even thousands a month in savings.” It didn’t take long for companies around the globe to discover that FitzAllBlades.com could help them to dramatically increase profits by reducing one of their biggest on-the-job expenses – replacement blades. The FitzAllBlades.com representative added: “It’s great when your business is doing really well, but it’s even better when you know that you have created your success by helping others to be successful. ”

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FitzallBlades.com has earned a worldwide reputation as the top provider of replacements for Sonicrafter oscillating tool blades and other brands of multi tool blades. Their quality, service, and prices attract business owners and individuals from all walks of life. For more details, please visit http://fitzallblades.com