Dealing with boundary disputes is quick, efficient and cost effective with Dewar Hogan

LAINCHOIL, LAINCHOIL ( Freeukpressrelease ) February 22, 2012 – For centuries people have been quarrelling over boundary disputes. The problems generally arise accidentally due to a lack of or insufficient property and boundary plans, however things can escalate quickly resulting in both financial and physical stress on all the parties involved.

In 2011 there were several high-profile boundary dispute cases in the press including a case between a former judge and residents from a small Essex village over a blocked off footpath. Derry City Council was also taken to court and made to pay damages over a land dispute concerning the alleged illegal dumping of waste on private property.

To prevent escalation and to deal with any arising boundary disputes efficiently and fairly, a specialised property solicitors firm is required.

Dewar Hogan is the only property litigation specific company in the UK. One of its main areas of work is boundary disputes. Because it specialises purely in property litigation, Dewar Hogan offers a service above and beyond its competitors. Its pricing structure is flexible and is aimed at rewarding both you, the customer, and the lawyers and solicitors of Dewar Hogan, who work hard to achieve the best possible outcome on your border dispute.

The City of London based firm is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority so you know you can expect a high standard of service and professionalism. However, Dewar Hogan takes property litigation to the next level. Its founder Ron Hogan was the first member of the Property Litigation Association and the firm was instrumental in the creation of the Association back in 1995.

40% of what Dewar Hogan does is offer advice. It aims to offer sound advice tailored to the individual case and which will offer the best outcome.

In terms of boundary dispute cases Dewar Hogan states that the approach taken will depend on the value of the disputed land. For instance, in low value cases, both parties should instruct a surveyor to facilitate the settlement. However, for high value or more complex cases, legal advice is appropriate and a specialised surveyor, of which Dewar Hogan can advise upon, should be utilised.

Dewar Hogan can provide you with all you’ll need to take a case to court or to come to an agreed settlement. Its vast experience will mean you’ll receive effective representation, which will hopefully avoid long, bitter and expensive disputes.

About Dewar Hogan

Dewar Hogan are solicitors based in the City of London specialising exclusively in property litigation; advice in relation to property issues; and professional negligence claims against property professionals. Founded in 1991 by Ron Hogan and John Cox, Dewar Hogan are recognised as one of the leading property litigation practices by Chambers’ Guide to the UK Legal Profession. For more information please visit http://www.dewarhogan.co.uk/.