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Livonia, MI ( Freeukpressrelease ) February 8, 2012 – With a professionally trained private investigator, it is now possible to obtain any hidden details on potential business partners, an ex-spouse, nanny, employee, or boss. It is often necessary to spend the time and money required for thorough background searches, employment reports, or other hidden asset searches.

A spokesperson for Crossroads Investigations comments, “We are a team of highly skilled professional investigators under the lead of a former officer from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The expertise and experience of our team allows us to investigate thorough searches of any person without difficulty. Our CIA-trained investigators conduct complete background searches and employment reports that provide our customers with priceless data.”

He continues, “Many of our customers, namely attorneys, benefit from asset searches, to include bank account and investment account balances, when seeking a judgment or monetary compensation for their own clients. Crossroads Investigations can provide all relevant information that is essential during a civil case. Private Investigator Miami has years of experience working at the highest levels of intelligence.”

Background check Florida can be highly useful when inquiring about potential business partners. Clients will be informed of all details including the financial background, employment reports, asset searches, and surveillance as necessary. Asset searches can locate hard to find property, wealth, or belongings. Many find this information to be beneficial prior to getting involved with potential business partners or clients.

Crossroads Investigations offers surveillance to clients seeking to find the truth about something or from someone who may be hiding a secret. The firm uses tactics employed by the police as the department is led by a former police officer. Surveillance is important in many situations including false insurance claims, disability claims, divorce cases, debt collection, or unemployment. Crossroads Investigations is skillful at watching people without detection while keeping the client’s budget and time requirements in mind.

Surveillance Miami helps expose hidden assets and potentially prevents matters from becoming more complex. Crossroads Investigations will work with their customers to solve any suspicions or to ensure their clients are being paid outstanding compensation. Tracking down hard to find information is what Crossroads Investigations is best at. Contact them today so they can help uncover the information you need.

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