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Everyone who owns a Laptop or notebook portable PC knows that it is a vulnerable bit of machinery. One of the reasons for it being a Laptop in the first place is so that one can move it around. This is where the vulnerability kicks in. Desk top computers by and large stay put. They are bulky and it is inconvenient to shift them around much. Plus there are all the connection between the box and the screen and the keyboard and the speaker system as well as the connection to the network/internet. Thus the only stress placed on these machines is the switching on and off and if the anti-virus is kept up to date little goes wrong until the system becomes antiquated and need an upgrade.
These days that is about every 3 years but in point of fact many 10 year old desktop computers are still running on Windows XP. They may have had additional memory modules added but otherwise they are fine.
A Laptop on the other hand, being a single unit, is capable of being carried wherever one goes, so If you go into a Starbucks in the middle of New York or LA, or a McDonalds in London or Paris you are likely to see some individuals with their laptops open working away and hooked into the free wifi internet connection that these establishments offer their clientele.
Aha Vulnerability #1. The tables in these establishments are not the most stable a there is plenty of hot liquid around. Many a Laptop has had a hot cup of sugary coffee spilled all over its keyboard. If the owner is fast and has a heir drier handy they may be able to tip the laptop upside down to drain the liquid and then blow out the liquid. But usually you are actually likely to have to replace the keyboard. The liquid especially the sugar gets in everywhere and the keys either start sticking or one finds that a ‘g’ suddenly becomes a ‘tgh’ as the current shorts across the keys.
The next likely casualty is the battery. A Laptop Battery is an expensive item and one that has a continual series of chemical reactions going on as it charges and discharges. A battery that starts life new giving a 3 hour running time from fully charged to automatic shutdown will steadily deteriorate so that within a year its realistic running time unplugged is a down to 2 hours and within 3 years that battery will maybe last half an hour.
Another item at danger is the screen. Screens can get bumped very easily and a laptop can fall or be knocked off a desk and the screen damaged. Or the charger either stops charging or the pin gets damaged.
Well if one wishes one can replace all these parts from a source in China with generic parts that will comply with manufacturers specifications and come in at less than half the price of original equipment.
These are very easily and rapidly flown out of Hong Kong and should be with you within 7 days of placing the order.
If you are looking for a Laptop Battery or a keyboard or other accessories they are available online
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