CBT Therapy Brings the Most Effective Depression Treatment to People with Anxiety Problems

Reading, Berkshire ( Freeukpressrelease ) February 14, 2012 – People all over the world suffer from depression and anxiety problems. These are crippling mental conditions that can affect every aspect of a person’s life: happiness, focus, energy, social interactions, and even physical health. Anxiety and depression have been identified as major inhibitors to a person’s natural healing process, and the “ripple effect” of these problems can be harmful to a sufferer’s family, friends, and co-workers as well. Millions of people are diagnosed with anxiety and / or depression each year, and millions are prescribed medication. The use of this medication receives mixed reviews. Some physicians, psychiatrists, and psychologists are in favor of medication as a depression treatment, some are generally against it, and some believe that medication can be useful in some circumstances. However, reports of negative side effects, misdiagnosis, and ineffectiveness have led many patients to be leery of psychoactive medications, no matter how severe their conditions. Fortunately, there is an effective form of depression and anxiety therapy that requires no medication at all: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT Therapy.

According to many experts, CBT Therapy has been proven to be the safest, most effective, most reliable treatment for depression and anxiety. This form of treatment focuses on the thought patterns of each patient, examining dysfunctional, negative thinking patterns that are created in the subject’s creative imagination. Dr. David Purves, a pioneer in the field of CBT Therapy, explains: “The creative imagination can be a wonderful thing, leading human beings to make beautiful works of art, invent ingenious solutions to our problems, and explore all manner of exciting new possibilities. Unfortunately, the creative imagination can also lead us to dysfunctional, negative thinking. It can lead us to experience very real feelings of sadness, fear, and stress about situations and events that will probably never happen. Fortunately, we now have CBT Therapy. With this type of therapy, we help patients to really look logically at their thought patterns, to acknowledge the illogical ideas that are harming them, and to replace those with reasonable, rational thought patterns that will help them to regain control over their emotions and their lives.”

Dr. Purves is known as a true innovator in the field of Psychology, and in CBT Therapy in particular. After over twenty years as a psychologist, he has developed a new strategy for making Cognitive Behavioral Therapy available to a wider spectrum of patients. CBT Therapy is widely acknowledged as the most effective depression treatment and anxiety therapy available, but it has traditionally had two potential drawbacks – accessibility and affordability. People all over the globe suffer from anxiety, depression, and stress. However, not everyone has access to a CBT specialist, and not everyone has the healthcare coverage to afford the therapy. This is why Dr. Purves created Mood Control, a remote CBT treatment program that allows any English speaking people with internet access to have the tools they need to facilitate their own CBT therapy. These online programs guide patients through exercises that simulate the same types of sessions they would have with personal CBT therapists, reviewing potentially harmful thought patterns and replacing them with rational, functional thinking.

The “information age” certainly has its drawbacks, but Dr. David Purves’s work exemplifies the positive potential that the internet holds for the world – the process of taking the latest and most effective medical cures and scientific methods and making them globally accessible. In addition to the direct therapeutic benefits of Mood Control, the program offers the added element of self-empowerment. Patients can pride themselves on the control that they have exercised in their own lives, seeking the best available treatment for themselves, and completing it out of a sincere desire to help themselves and their loved ones. This type of positive action, with expert guidance, is an excellent first step toward a happier, healthier, and more productive life.

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