Canada Pharmacies Agree More People Survive From Cancer in Canada

According to a Statistics Canada study, cancer incidence cases have increased over the years, partly due to an ageing population and also because more people afflicted with cancer are surviving the disease. canada pharmacies agree with expert view formed on basis of the study conducted over a five-year period measuring cancer prevalence rate between 1997 until 2008. Statistics put the increased survival rate at 2.1% over 10 years in terms of people surviving from any form of cancer over a period of five years and still surviving in a particular year.

Cancer Proving To Be Less Fatal Than Earlier

At the beginning of the study, survival rate from cancer was 1,490 for every 100,000 cases. It accounted for half a million people in Canada living with cancer. Analysts from Statistics Canada confirmed the figure was likely to increase in the future, as the stigma of cancer is less likely to affect people. Better treatment plans and screening facilities as well as understanding of disease was responsible for the increased survival rate, according to Canada pharmacies.

The Canadian population is ageing, which is why a higher prevalence rate is seen over the years. Statistics show for all cancers combined, the ageing population is responsible for approximately 50% of higher rate of prevalence. Medical care centers have better screening facilities now than in the past, which accounts for better treatment options.

Experts find more cases of thyroid and liver cancer and less prevalence of cervical and laryngeal cancers. Again, the ageing population accounts for the average 1.3% yearly increase in breast cancer cases. It is already known prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer diagnosed in Canada, and rate of prevalence has increased 3% per year between 1997 and 2008, which is on the higher side.

Statistics Present Opportunity to Improve Effectiveness of Healthcare Options

Though more people survive from cancer, statistics collected over the years present a great opportunity to improve available healthcare facilities and provide access to more advanced medical facilities, especially in cases of cancer rates showing tendency to increase over the years. Most Canadians are now monitored for recurrence of cancer after initial diagnosis and treatment including supportive care. History of medical illness gives a better idea of how the general population survives from a particular cancer over a lengthy period of time.

Complexity of diseases is a matter of concern, and higher cancer survival rates put additional financial burden on people as well as healthcare organizations. Drug therapy can be quite expensive, though people often buy Diflucan, an affordable medication, to fight fungal infections caused by a weak cancer-inflicted immune system.

Canada pharmacies agree people surviving from cancer have to be looked after more efficiently in terms of finding faster cure to reduce incidence of cancer in an ageing population. Aftereffects of medication must be controlled in order to provide cheap and safe treatment options. There is every reason to believe people will recover from cancer faster, but preparation is the key. Finding a cure for advance-stage cancer may be a step in the right direction. Constant monitoring and recording of facts by government-backed health bodies will provide the desired impetus needed.

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