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WL Marketing has been offering brilliant SEO services to clients for many years now. The company strives to answer all your questions within 12 hours and informs you about various offerings and other packages. They aim to offer good value for every dollar you spend on availing SEO services from them.
WL Marketing’s SEO Services
WL Marketing offers a wide selection of services meeting all your specific requirements. Their main offerings include keyword promoter, social bookmarking, directory submission, article submission, press release distribution, Squidoo lens creation, video marketing, hubpage hub creation, local business listing, search engine indexing, classified ads submission, blog submission, content writing, blog carnival, keyword research, website setup and link building services.
Besides this, the company also offers consulting services and reseller solutions. No matter what your requirements are, regarding SEO submission or online business promotion, they are there to assist you right from the beginning. Their services are extremely reliable. The biggest benefit is that they are available at reasonable prices.
Latest Packages
WL Marketing has introduced various SEO packages in order to provide you with outstanding SEO services at more discounted prices. ‘SEO Premium’ package can really supercharge your website. It includes keyword research, 1600 unique social bookmarking, 4000 directory submissions, 4×300 press release submissions, 4×300 article marketing, DMOZ submission and two Squidoos and two Hubpages.
‘SEO Starter’ is another package that is available at a price lower than that of ‘SEO Premium’. This particular package includes keyword research, 1200 unique social bookmarking, 4000 directory submissions, 200 press release submissions, 300 article marketing DMOZ submission and one Squidoo and one Hubpage.
‘Delux’ includes 600 unique social bookmarking, 2000 directory submissions, 300 press release submissions and 300 article marketing while ‘Keyword’ package includes 1200 regular social bookmarking, 200 press release submissions and 3×300 article marketing. Depending upon your specific requirements, you can choose a package and take advantage of their services. Additionally, if you have any other requirement related to SEO or online marketing, they will fulfill them as per all your specifications.
Account Management
WL Marketing also keeps a complete record of the services provided to you. They create an account for you and track the details of all your orders. Besides this, you can also get to know the status of your orders as well as online promotions and their effectiveness by logging into your account. The professionals are always ready to accommodate your specific requirements regardless of the current status of your promotions. You simply need to let them know at any point of time and they will offer you a solution right away.
WL Marketing services offers you the best SEO services for your business. Once you choose them as your online marketing partner, you can rest assured to be benefitted from their exceptional services and focus on your core business activities.
WL Marketing is one of the most reputed companies offering SEO Service. They are able to accommodate all your specific requirements at extremely pocket-friendly prices.